Currently Accolades: Published/Exhibited for April 19, 2021

Woman sits in front of sculptures


  1. Shelby Anderson, anthropology faculty, published “Dietary Ecology of Alaskan Polar Bears (Ursus Maritimus) Through Time and in Response to Arctic Climate Change” in Global Change Biology.
  2. Robert Asaadi, political science and international and global studies, published “Postrevolutionary Iran: The Leader, the People, and the Three Powers” with Rowman & Littlefield.
  3. Evguenia Davidova, international studies and university studies faculty, published “The Wandering Orthodox Nuns: Religion and Gender in the Nineteenth-Century Central Balkans” in Slavic Review.
  4. Scott DuHadway, business faculty, published “On Making Experimental Design Choices: Discussions on the Use and Challenges of Demand Effects, Incentives, Deception, Samples and Vignettes” in the Journal of Operations Management.
  5. Cynthia Mohr, psychology faculty, Sheila Umemoto, graduate student, Thomas Rounds ’20, Phil Bouleh ’20 and Sarah Arpin PhD ’15 co-authored “Drinking to Cope in the COVID-19 Era: An Investigation Among College Students,” published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.
  6. Hyeyoung Woo, sociology faculty, co-authored the chapter “Limited English Proficiency and the Physical and Mental Health Status of Korean Immigrant Elders,” in the book “Understanding Korean Americans’ Mental Health: A Guide to Culturally Competent Practices, Program Developments, and Policies,” published by Rowman & Littlefield.