Asia, the largest continent and home to the largest number of people, witnessed some of our world’s earliest civilizations, flourishing from western Asia to the Indo-Gangetic and North China plains. Today, the continent is experiencing remarkable cultural, technological, and economic transformations. We are truly living in the “Asian Century!” Asian Studies in the Department of International and Global Studies dives into the continent’s past, present, and future through the interdisciplinary study of political-economy, cultures and religions, communication and media, gender and sexuality, migration, development, and environmental change in South, Southeast, and East Asia. Our faculty are scholars from diverse disciplines such as communication studies, geography, education, and history. 

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We offer a major and a certificate in Asian Studies.

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Students can take exciting courses in face-to-face and online formats in topics such as Bollywood, Japan and the US relations (cultural and energy economies), youth and popular culture, nationalism and transnationalism, and contemporary India (starting 2021).

Portland State University offers several study abroad opportunities in central, south, southeast, and east Asian countries. Our majors have received scholarships from, among other organizations, PSU’s Institute for Asian Studies to participate in these programs.

Students are encouraged to contact their CUPA professional advisor or the program faculty advisor, Professor Priya Kapoor, with questions about our program and course offerings.