Africa is a continent with a rich history, a diversity of people with different heritages, and a critical region of the world to study. Africa has undergone rapid political, economic, and social changes over the past several decades since most of the continent freed itself from European colonialism. In the African Studies program you can learn about the continent’s vast and powerful empires before the arrival of Europeans and gain a knowledge about contemporary Africa. You will be able to explore themes related to the continent’s history, politics, people, economy, and culture from a multidisciplinary perspective.

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We offer a Certificate in African Studies

A recent addition to our faculty, Professor Safia Farole, specializes in the study of government and politics in Africa and has experience conducting fieldwork in South Africa. She offers the Introduction to African Studies, a course on Postcolonial African Studies, and African Politics. 

We highly recommend the study abroad opportunities that Portland State offers in Africa. If you have questions about the African Studies certificate, we encourage you to contact your CUPA professional advisor or the program faculty advisor Prof. Stephen Frenkel.