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Bruno Jedynak

Oregon’s largest urban research university, Portland State’s faculty roster is loaded with nationally known and internationally recognized experts in a variety of fields. PSU’s motto, “Let Knowledge Serve the City,” lives strong among our faculty experts whose research is regularly put to work to help us better understand the world around us and enact positive change. 

We invite the media to call on our experts for help understanding complicated topics or to explore what might be possible in the future. Search our database by topic or contact a member of the media relations team to find the faculty expert best suited to your inquiry.

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Media Inquiries 

The Portland State University Media Relations team is available to assist journalists connect with faculty to provide context and expertise in their reporting.

Through press releases and advisories about events, research projects, policy changes, and other items of interest, the Media Relations team maintains ongoing communications with reporters and editors throughout the region.

Contact us:

Christina Williams, Director, Media & Public Relations | christina.williams@pdx.edu, 503-725-8789

Katy Swordfisk, Communications Specialist | katy.swordfisk@pdx.edu, 503-725-8575

For Faculty

Want to be contacted by media as an expert? Need to submit an update to our database?

If you are not currently listed in our database but wish to be, request a new faculty expert entry.

If you already have a faculty expert page and would like to update it, email Katy Swordfisk to submit updated information.