ECE Faculty Office Hours

Fall term 2020 remote office hours

Academic Faculty

M=Monday T=Tuesday W=Wednesday R=Thursday Check your syllabus or email the instructor if a zoom link is not listed here

Robert Bass
No office hours

Jonathan Bird
By appointment

Richard Campbell

Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske

Donald Duncan
TR 1300-1500 By appointment only
Email to make appointment

Mark Faust
T 1100-1150; R 0900-0950

Garrison Greenwood
W 1700-1800

Douglas V. Hall
TR 1300-1500

Dan Hammerstrom
By appointment

Melinda Holtzman
T 1300-1400; W 1100-1200
Zoom link:

Yuchen Huang
TR 1500-1600

Roy Kravitz
T 1630-1800
R 1030-1200

Fu Li

John Lipor
M 1830-1930; W 1830-1930

James McNames

Branimir Pejčinović
W 1300-1400

Marek A. Perkowski

Tom Schubert
ECE 510 ABV: T 1300-1400; F 1300-1400
ECE 595: W 1600-1700; F 1430-1530

Martin Siderius

Xiaoyu Song

Renjeng Su

Christof Teuscher
Office hour information

Richard Tymerski

Adjunct Faculty

John Acken
T 1500-1700  
By appointment Passcode: Ofc9871  

Andrew Greenberg
T 1000-1100

Mark Martin
W 1600-1700; R 1000-1100; and by appointment

All other adjunct instructors not listed here are To Be Announced