Students and faculty share responsibility for maintaining an appropriate learning environment.

Faculty have the professional responsibility to treat students with understanding, dignity and respect. Students are also expected to demonstrate appropriate, respectful behavior toward other members of the university community, both faculty and peers. Disruptive students in the academic setting hinder the educational process. Disruptive student conduct is prohibited by the Student Code of Conduct (Oregon Administrative Rule 577-31-125), which also enumerates formal actions and remedies for resolving student misconduct issues.

What constitutes disruption?

"Disruption," as applied to the academic setting, means behavior that a reasonable faculty member would view as interfering with normal academic functions.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Persistently speaking without being recognized
  • Interrupting other speakers
  • Behavior that distracts the class from the subject matter or discussion
  • In extreme cases, physical threats, harassing behavior or personal insults
  • Refusal to comply with faculty direction

If a faculty member requests that you cease behavior that could be seen as disruptive in the classroom, we strongly recommend that you follow their instructions. If you have questions or concerns, schedule a time to meet with the faculty member after class to further discuss the matter.