Prospective Students

Thinking of transferring to Portland State University?

Many Communication majors begin their time at PSU as transfer students. Academic goals, the number of credits being transferred, and life priorities make each student's situation unique. Some important questions to consider prior to transferring:

  • Have you explored the degree and career options available?
  • Do you have a clear sense of why you want a degree?
  • Does PSU offer the kind of degree that will allow you to accomplish your goals?
  • Do you need an Associate's degree? While students can be awarded an Associate's degree in route to a Bachelor's degree, the requirements are not the same. Speak with your advisor at your current institution about your goals.
  • Do you know how your credits will transfer to PSU? Sometimes there are courses that count toward major requirements that transfer over directly or can be substituted. Ask your current advisor if there are articulation agreements with PSU at the institution you are attending. You can also set up a free account on to see how your credits will transfer. If you still have questions, our major advisor can provide general information about transferability prior to admission.
  • Do you have a plan for how you will pay for your degree? If not, speak with student financial services at your institution about your options. 
  • Do you understand the financial resources available to you? If not, check out Student Financial Services website on available resources.

Finally, all institutions have their own ways of doing things, and your experience will be different here at PSU than at other institutions. Don't be afraid to ask for help!