Order Cap & Gown (regalia)

Regalia is not required for the Virtual Commencement Ceremony. Individual regalia items such as caps, tassels, stole of gratitude, or grad gifts can be ordered online through Herff-Jones and will be shipped directly to the student.

The priority deadline to order regalia online is April 14. Students can order regalia after April 14, however, prices will increase. Orders can take four to six weeks to be processed and delivered.

After April 14, students can order online for in-person pick-up or order in-person from the University Market.

Traditional Commencement Regalia

  • Bachelor’s Degree - Cap, Bachelor Gown, Tassel in your school/colleges color
  • Master’s Degree - Cap, Master's Gown, Hood & Tassel in your school/colleges color
  • Doctorate - PhD Cap & Gown, Hood in your school/colleges color, and Gold Tassel

All Portland State gowns are black. Bachelor’s degree recipients wear a tassel of the color associated with the college or school conferring the degree. Dual major recipients wear one tassel, although a second may be purchased as a souvenir. If majors are in different colleges or schools, the student must decide which major and college or school to use. The academic cap is adjusted to remain level. The academic gown is fastened in the front. The tassel on the cap hangs on the right side prior to the ceremony.

Other Regalia and Commencement Items

  • Ethnic regalia is welcomed at commencement.
  • Other regalia items are optional such as stole of gratitude (available for purchase as individual items or as part of a package), affinity stoles, cords, leis, etc.
  • Class rings, announcements, and frames are available online through the Herff Jones Online Store.

All regalia is only available for purchase (PSU does not offer rentals) and is final sale.

Latin Honors

To qualify for latin honors, students must:

  • Be an undergraduate student
  • Have at least 72 credits completed at PSU, 60 of which must be taken for differentiated grades (not Pass/No Pass).
  • Have at least a 3.67 PSU cumulative GPA or higher upon graduation (only PSU credits will be used in this calculation)

Honors Recognition at the Official University Commencement Ceremony

Students who meet the criteria and participate in the university-wide ceremony will have their name printed in the commencement program with their Latin Honor and will be awarded a Latin Honor cord to wear during the ceremony.

A student’s final Portland State cumulative GPA for their graduation term is used to determine honors awards that will be printed on the diploma and transcript. However, to qualify for honors recognition at the university ceremony, students must meet the criteria below at the end of Winter Quarter. There are no exceptions. The Commencement Office uses a student’s winter GPA because that is the latest official GPA available at the time of cord distribution in May.

PSU cumulative GPA at the end of Winter Term 2020 meets the Latin Honors Criteria:

  • 3.90 to 4.00 - Summa cum laude (Gold Cord)
  • 3.80 to 3.89 - Magna cum laude (Silver Cord)
  • 3.67 to 3.79 - Cum laude (Green Cord)