Applying for Graduation & Commencement

What's the difference between the terms 'Graduation' and 'Commencement'?

The term “Graduation” means actually finishing and completely fulfilling your degree requirements resulting in a diploma. In other words, “Graduation” is the technical obtainment of credits to receive a degree.

“Commencement” is the symbolic ceremony marking the closing of your academic career where you receive commendation for your hard work at PSU. It is an opportunity for you, your family, friends, and the PSU community to celebrate your accomplishment.

Participation in commencement does not necessarily mean you have completed or 'graduated' with your degree as participation to the June 2019 ceremonies is open to all students planning to graduate between Fall 2018-Fall 2019 as PSU only hosts spring commencement.

I'm finishing up my degree soon, how do I apply to graduate?

Any student seeking a degree from PSU must apply. Complete the online undergraduate degree application found through Banweb, two terms prior to the anticipated graduation date. Graduate degree applications are due one term prior to graduation. See Applying for a Degree for specific dates and further information.

For more information about Degree Applications, visit the Degree Requirements office in the Western Hemlock Trailer Pod or call 503.725.3438.

Students submitting an application for awarding of Master's Degree, Doctoral Degree, or Graduate Certificate should review additional details through the Office of Graduate Studies for Advanced Degree Graduation Requirements and clearance. Contact the Office of Graduate Studies for more information by visiting the Extended Studies Building 184 or calling 503.725.8410.

How do I register to walk in the commencement ceremony?

Registration for Commencement is connected with your application to graduate. You will indicate if you want to participate at Commencement and if you would like your name printed in the program when you submit your application to graduate. For online application open and close dates, please check the Office of the Registrar's website.

All undergraduate, masters, and graduate certificate students graduating Fall 2018-Fall 2019 are eligible to participate. All doctoral students graduating Summer 2018-Spring 2019 who have been certified by the Office of Graduate Studies are eligible to participate.

Are there any deadlines I should keep in mind?

The final deadline to guarantee your name will be included in the printed commencement program AND the last day to register to walk in the 2019 Spring Commencement is Tuesday, April 30, 2019. Any requests after this deadline cannot be guaranteed.