Tuition Review Advisory Committee (TRAC)


Tuition Review Advisory Committee

The Tuition Review Advisory Committee (TRAC) is established to provide a written report to the president of the University that sets forth the recommendations, deliberations and observations of the advisory body regarding tuition and mandatory enrollment fees for the upcoming academic year

The Committee is responsible for (1) providing opportunities for members of ASPSU and other students enrolled at the public university to participate in the tuition setting process,  (2) gaining an understanding of the university budgeting process and the Higher Education Coordinating Committee (HECC) allocation mechanism for public universities, (3) providing recommendations and observations in regards to tuition and mandatory enrollment fees that consider the impact of the recommendation on historically underserved students, the mission of PSU, and alternative scenarios.

The Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration is responsible for providing staff support to the Committee.


  • Chair - Kevin Reynolds, Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Susan Jeffords, Provost
  • Andria Johnson, University Budget Director 
  • Erick Lorenzo, Assistant Budget Analyst 
  • Amanda Nguyen, Director of Student Financial Services and Interim Director of Financial Aid 
  • Heejun Chang, Professor and Co-Chair of the Faculty Senate Budget Committee 
  • Steven Boyce, Assistant Professor and Co-Chair of the Faculty Senate Budget Committee 
  • Luis Balderas Villagrana, ASPSU President and Student Representative
  • Camilo Assad, ASPSU Legislative Affairs Director and Student Representative
  • Jose Rojas, SFC member and Student Representative
  • Alejandro Castaneda, Student Representative
  • Analyse Richter, Student Representative
  • Isaac Harper, Student Representative
  • Olivia Pace, Student Representative

Scheduled Meetings

Meeting locations will be posted as they become available in the main budget office website. Meeting agendas, and material wil be posted as they become available. 

November 27th, 2018 Location: MCB 541 Time: 4-5pm Agenda: 1st TRAC meeting 

January 3rd, 2019 Location: MCB 541 Time: 1-2pm Agenda: 2nd TRAC meeting

Past Meeting Materials