Lester Newman Seminar Series

Welcome to the PSU Biology Department Lester Newman Seminar Series. Seminars are free and open to the public. Seminars are hosted on ZOOM ( from 12-1pm on Thursdays. Please join the ZOOM by 11:55am. Recordings of the seminar are not available. For additional information, please contact Professor Anna-Louise Reysenbach (

Please see this spreadsheet for past and future seminar topics.

January 7th 2021

Bacterial symbionts of shipworms: a prolific source of new drug candidates

Margo Haygood

Research Professor - University of Utah - Host: Reysenbach

January 14th 2021

Movement Ecology of Songbirds Across the Full Annual Cycle

Nathan Cooper

Research Ecologist - Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center - Host: Murphy

January 21st 2021


Carnosaurs as Apex Scavengers: Agent-based Simulations Reveal Possible Vulture Analogues in Late Jurassic Dinosaurs

Cameron Paul

Oregon Health and Science University - Host: Murphy and Ruedas

January 28th 2021

Hidden Microbes in the Human Mouth

Mircea Podar

Distinguished Staff Scientist - Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Host: Reysenbach

February 4th 2021

Sex and the Red Queen

Levi Morran

Associate Professor - Emory University - Host: Estes

February 11th 2021

Flowering phenology in a changing climate: Historical patterns over time and latitude

Steve Travers

Associate Professor - North Dakota State University - Host: Cruzan

February 18th 2021

Using population structure and host-symbiont specificity to inform knowledge of transmission dynamics in two obligate marine microbial symbioses

Roxanne Beinart

Assistant Professor - University of Rhode Island - Host: Reysenbach

February 25th 2021

The Mitochondrion as a Nexus for Evolution

Justin Havird

Assistant Professor - The University of Texas at Austin - Host: Estes

March 4th 2021

Molecular evolution in Caenorhabditis speciation and development

Asher Cutter

Professor and Associate Dean - University of Toronto - Host: Estes


March 11th 2021

Multi-trophic drivers of ecosystem succession after canopy restoration in subtropical forests

Stephanie Yelenik

Rangeland Scientist - USDA Forest Service, Rangland Ecologist, Rocky Mountain Research Station - Host: Kautz