Department of Biology

Portland State University's Biology Department includes over 21 faculty, 1,200 undergraduate majors, and over 65 graduate students and post-docs. Our faculty take an integrative approach to biology, encompassing all levels of biological organization from molecules to ecosystems.

Our offices and laboratories are housed at the PSU main campus, in the Science Research & Teaching Center (SRTC) and Science Building 1 (SB1), alongside the Environmental Science, Chemistry, and Physics departments. The Biology department also has research, teaching, and office spaces at the Robertson Collaborative Life Sciences Building (RLSB) on the Willamette River waterfront, alongside Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) research and medical and dental school spaces, as well as the Oregon State University school of pharmacy.

The close proximity of the Biology department with other PSU departments, as well as OHSU and OSU spaces, helps to foster interdisciplinary research and other connections among our departments and institutions. Teaching and research laboratories are further supported by the Herbarium, Invertebrate and Vertebrate Museums, extremophile DNA and microbial culture collections, an aquatic organism rearing facility, greenhouses and an electron microscope facility.

COVID-19 Related Resources for Biology Students

The Biology Department is maintaining a list of resources for students.

The Biology Department is maintaining a Virtual Front Desk while the physical office is closed. Please see the links above to access the front desk and to view the schedule of when the front desk is staffed.