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Web Communications

The Web Communications Team sets the University's overall web presence and web communications strategy. A component of this strategy is to oversee a centrally supported, University wide CMS (content management system), Drupal.

Website Requests

Both a new site and/or access to an existing site can be requested via the OIT Website Creation or Access Request Form.

Next Steps

  1. Sign up for training, offered several times each month.
  2. Check the Drupal FAQs for how-tos and tips.
  3. Join the OMC-drupal-Group to engage in discussions to improve our websites. To susbscribe, send e-mail to or click the "Join this group" link on the right-hand side of the page under "About this group."
  4. Refer to grids documentation: Working with grids (an alternative to tables).

Comments, Questions, Suggestions?

Contact us with your suggestions, questions, and comments about web communications at Portland State University.