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Procurement Rules

The basic rules for delegation of procurement authority

Portland State University is subject to Oregon Administrative Rules and guidelines or any subsequent procurement code issued by Portland State University.  The procurement rules regarding purchasing authority are:

For orders of less than $25,000:

Departments may issue a purchase order or enter into a contract with one vendor without obtaining quotes from other vendors if the dollar value of the purchase order or contract is less than $25,000.  Purchase orders may be issued for goods; a contract is not required.   A contract is ALWAYS required for services. Such contracts may only be signed by a CAPS Contracts Officer.

For contracts valued from $25,000.01-$150,000.00:

Departments may use an informal procurement process called a Request for Quotes (RFQ) for contracts valued between $25,001 and $150,000. The RFQ must be posted on ORPIN or PSU Construction Contracting Webpage for a minimum of three business days.  When a contract results from an RFQ, the department must enter a purchase order into Banner. The text field of the purchase order must reference the PSU contract number and state that the procurement was posted on the OUS website. Contact CAPS for any questions regarding RFQs, including development of RFQs and posting on the OUS website.  Contracts resulting from RFQs may only be signed by a CAPS Contracts Officer.  

Bid (ITB) or a Request for Proposal (RFP) Procurements above $150,000.01:

A formal procurement process must be used for contracts that are expected to exceed $150,000.01, with CAPS issuing either an Invitation to Bid (ITB) or a Request for Proposal (RFP). There are many other requirements specific to the types of products and services being procured, so please contact CAPS early in the process for assistance in developing the appropriate document(s). Contact CAPS for any questions you may have about the ITB or RFP processes. The formal procurement process can take eight weeks or more to complete depending on the products or services being procured, so please plan ahead and contact CAPS early in the process.  Contracts resulting from RFPs and ITBs may only be signed by a CAPS Contract Officer

Sole Source:

Please contact CAPS for assistance with sole source purchases. CAPS will work with you to determine if a purchase qualifies as a sole source and will assist in drafting the sole source justification document. Sole source purchases must be posted on the OUS website for seven calendar days.