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Criminology & Criminal Justice

Whether they study on-campus or online, Criminology & Criminal Justice graduates are highly competitive job candidates with real-world, career-ready experience.

Taught by nationally-recognized, award-winning faculty, the Criminology & Criminal Justice (CCJ) degree programs are among the most popular at Portland State University. CCJ brings together students with diverse backgrounds who are interested in taking what they learn about crime and justice back to their communities.

CCJ program graduates are highly competitive candidates for jobs in local, state, and federal law enforcement; probation and parole; corrections; non-profit social services; security; public service; and for top law and graduate schools. CCJ has over 100 established internship placement agencies and between 20-25% of graduating CCJ majors are offered a paying position by their internship agency alone.

Undergraduate Flexible Campus and Fully Online Programs

Undergraduates and post-baccalaureate students can choose to complete CCJ degrees and certificates either fully online or through the flexible campus program — both feature the same coursework and faculty — to ensure consistent quality, on-time degree completion, and career-readiness. Students in the fully online program are not required to visit campus or “attend” online courses during specific hours.

Graduate Program

CCJ offers a Masters of Science degree designed to provide students a broad-based understanding of the criminal justice system and society’s response to crime. Graduate students have a high degree of flexibility to tailor their study to advance their individual career goals. Many CCJ graduate students take advantage of the opportunity to work with faculty on their research with the nationally-recognized Criminal Justice Policy Research Institute.