Vietnam-Oregon Initiative (VOI)
The Vietnam-Oregon Initiative is a collaborative network founded to foster and deepen partnerships between Vietnamese and Oregon entities spanning the government, academic, business, and military sectors.

Our Mission

The mission of Vienam Oregon Initiative is to leverage the existing diverse relationships across government, business, and academic sectors between the State of Oregon and Vietnam for mutual trust and deepened partnerships. 

Our Values

The values of Mark O. Hatfield, what we call the "Hatfield Way", will drive the conception and operation of VOI. Senator Hatfield was moved to life in public service by his initial visit to Hai Phong harbor immediately following World War II. The Hatfield Way includes the following core values: 

  • Do what is right in interaction with diverse others;
  • Be fair and promote social justice;
  • Allow space for the voice of under-represented humans and natural resources;
  • Participate in the formation of innovative institutions in service of the common goods;
  • Be mindful of, and balance, competing public values; and
  • Resolve conflicts and aggression peacefully.

These values are compatible with many of the core values of Vietnamese society. One additional value that VOI will embrace, grounded in our experience with successful cross-cultural partnerships, is that working together should be serious in nature and also involve enjoyment of the human spirit-what we call "serious fun".