Toward Resilient Futures

People rebuilding homes

Toward Resilient Futures
Speaker Series

Emergency Management and Community Resilience Program
Initiative for Community and Disaster Resilience

This monthly speaker series presents cutting-edge research and approaches on the resilience of urban and rural communities and systems to hazards and disasters. The speakers represent the core faculty of Portland State University’s new transdisciplinary Emergency Management and Community Resilience graduate program. The talks will critically focus on local and global issues and share pragmatic solutions.


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  • Listen to Dr. Jola Idowu Ajibade discuss resilience work in Manila, followed by Dr. Eric Einspruch discussing resilience as an evaluation thinking perspective.

    Listen to Vivek Shandas, Professor in the Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning and Founding Director of the Sustaining Urban Places Research (SUPR) Lab at Portland State University, talk about how the urban forest provides myriad benefits for improving the health and well-being of residents.

    Listen to Brianne Suldovsky, Assistant Professor of Communication, discuss the basics of risk communication, including how publics perceive risks and best practices in risk communication.

    Next, listen to Lauren Frank, Associate Professor of Communication, highlight risk communication during COVID-19.

    Listen to a discussion on Japan's 2011 earthquake & tsunami with Masami Nishishiba, Department Chair & Professor of Public Administration and Co-Director of Initiative for Community and Disaster Resilience (ICDR); and Dr. Hiro Ito, Department Chair & Professor of Economics and Co-Director of ICDR.

    Listen to Dr. Scott Burns, Professor Emeritus of PSU Engineering Geology and President of IAEG (International Association of Engineering Geologists and the Environment), discuss geodisaster resilence.

    Listen to Jeremy Spoon, Director of the Emergency Management and Community Resilience Program and Associate Professor of Anthropology, talk about lessons from rural and indigenous disaster recoveries in Nepal.