Resources for Faculty

Real change starts with education and information. While some students are comfortable reaching out for help, many are not comfortable disclosing their personal financial or hunger situations. Here are some ways that you can provide information and resources, without waiting for students in need to come to you. 

  • A D2L widget is available to help you connect your student to food and related resources. Just logging to D2L and locate the CISFS in the widgets. 
  • Request a brief presentation on food assistance resources for your class or department. We can adjust the presentation based on audience, interest, and available time. Email
  • Incorporate a service-learning or volunteer component to your class. Visit our page on volunteer opportunities to get started. 
  • Syllabus Blurb: Instructors and departments can include a sentence on their syllabus or webpage so that PSU students know that help is available to them. Here are some suggestions: 

For information on food assistance and other resources, please visit the "I Need Help With..." page.

42% of PSU students do not have regular access to nutritious, affordable, culturally relevant food for themselves or their family. Visit the Committee for Improving Student Food Security website to learn how you can get involved, or find support if you are experiencing food insecurity.