About The

Committee For Improving Student Food Secutiry

CISFS is made possible through dedicated volunteer faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members.  In the summer of 2013, the School of Social Work (SSW) convened a campus-wide meeting to begin the conversation around student food insecurity.  SSW faculty and students had witnessed and experienced food insecurity and knew this issue was not unique to just their School.  From this meeting, the seeds of CISFS were planted.  

Our original charge was to: 

  • Provide oversight in helping alleviate the effects of student food insecurity so that students can meet their academic goals.
  • Raise awareness of student hunger at Portland State University.
  • Gather necessary data to inform the university community on the issue.
  • Recommend and initiate action steps.

Committee Structure

The Committee for Improving Student Food Security is comprised of members from a variety of offices and roles within the greater Portland State University community. Our membership includes representation in the following areas: 

  • Students (graduate, undergraduate, international, as well as student leaders from ASPSU and the PSU Food Pantry)
  • PSU Faculty
  • Staff from a variety of offices including resource centers, the Office of Academic Affairs, Student Financial Services, Student Affairs, International Students & Scholars and Student Services
  • Community Partners
  • Senior Leadership from PSU Finance & Administration
  • Alumni
  • 3 At-Large positions

All committee members are expected to participate in one of the CISFS workgroups.  Any member of the PSU community may join one of the CISFS workgroups.


Marketing & Outreach

Promote the committee's activities and collaborations through email communication, website development, engagement in on-campus and community events, and print, social, and electronic media.
Chair: Lori Coulter, lcoulter@pdx.edu

Panning & Development

Support student need through food drives, corporate sponsorships, donations, fundraising campaigns, volunteer engagement, and community partners development. Advocate for changes in policies impacting student work requirements to qualify for SNAP benefits and other state and federal policies impacting students in higher education; as well as advocate for change in policies at the university level that may present barriers to food access to special populations. 
Chair: Pamela Bock, pbock@pdx.edu

Committee Members

CISFS Committee Members
Name Department CISFS Role Email
Lori Coulter Transfer & Returning Student Resource Center Chair lcoulter@pdx.edu
Courtney Shiroma Associate Director of University Housing & Residence Life Vice-Chair shiroma@pdx.edu
Amanda Nguyen Director, Student Financial Services PSU Financial Leadership Representative nguyenaf@pdx.edu
Jasmine Hudson Assistant Manager, Student Financial Services Member Delegate hudson3@pdx.edu
Pamela Bock Assistant Director for Services for Students with Children Staff Representative pbock@pdx.edu
Carol Gabrielli Director of Student Success, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Staff Representative cg@pdx.edu
Mike Millard Office Manager, Office of Academic Innovation Staff Representative millard2@pdx.edu
Bobby Smallwood Coordinator, PSU Food Pantry Pantry Representative  
Kevin Dumler Student Undergraduate Representative kdumler@pdx.edu
Becki Morinishi Student Graduate Student Representative rebone@pdx.edu
Schweta Alumni Alumni Representative  
Kim Dinardo PSU Eats Community Partner kdinardo@pdx.edu
Open Student International Student Representative  
Open Student Student Member-At-Large  
Open Student ASPSU Representative  
Open Faculty Faculty Representative  
Open Faculty Faculty Member-At-Large  
Open Staff Student Affairs / Student Services Representative