Ignite Scholarship

PSU's Ignite Scholarship program, developed in collaboration with Kaiser Permanente and Portland Leadership Foundation, supports pre-health students in reaching their healthcare career goals.
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Ignite seeks to identify pre-health students that are service-minded leaders who want to make PSU and their home communities better through education and building a strong network of support. Ignite mentors will be part of a program emphasizing leadership and mentorship (supported by a $5,000 scholarship), which includes serving as mentors for incoming pre-health students.

Ignite (which is a partnership between PSU, Kaiser Permanente, and Portland Leadership Foundation) emphasizes a culture of support and community, which is particularly important in a career pathway that can be complex and overwhelming for students.

By providing social, career, and academic-oriented supports while reducing financial barriers and increasing the time students have available for activities to support their success, we aim to increase the success of students in their pursuit of healthcare careers.

Applying for the Ignite program

Mentors: Current PSU pre-health students (who have been enrolled for at least 2 terms at PSU) that are pursuing their 1st bachelors degree are eligible to apply for the program and associated scholarship through PSU's online scholarship application. Be sure to list your pre-health track (pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy, pre-optometry, etc) as one of your areas of interest within the application. No specific major is required in order to apply. Applications are due by February 1.

As part of the PSU scholarship application, you will be asked to write responses to 3 questions in order to help us identify students that are a good fit for the program:

To help us identify pre-health students that share Ignite's priorities, tell us more about your community (as you would define it): What do you appreciate about your community? Describe something you would like to change about that community. Explain how your college education will equip you to bring about the transformation you desire. 

  1. What excites you about the possibility of mentoring fellow pre-health students?
  2. Are there other aspects of your life story that you think we should consider in reviewing your application? If so, please describe.

Incoming pre-health students seeking mentorship: Incoming pre-health students beginning at PSU in Fall 2019 are eligible to be matched with PSU's Ignite mentors. This is a one-year commitment (fall, winter and spring terms) for mentors and mentees.

Benefits of being an Ignite mentee:

  • Learn how to access valuable resources at PSU
  • Gain advice, encouragement and support
  • Learn from the experiences of others
  • Increase your social and academic confidence
  • Become more empowered to make decisions
  • Develop your communication, study, and personal skills
  • Develop strategies for dealing with both personal and academic issues

If you are interested in becoming an Ignite Mentee, applications will be available summer 2019.

Questions about Ignite

Students with questions about the Ignite program are encouraged to contact their pre-health advisor.

Community members interested in learning more about Ignite and how to get involved in supporting PSU pre-health students can contact: Melissa Yates (melissa.yates@pdx.edu), Pathway Advising Director.

Donors interested in contributing to the Ignite program can click the button below or contact: Kathleen Hampton (hamptonk@psuf.org), Portland State Foundation.