The Tempest (Prospero, Miranda, Ariel)

The Tempest (Prospero, Miranda, Ariel)

Rosemarie Beck

About the artwork

Rosemarie Beck

The Tempest (Prospero, Miranda, Ariel), 1976

Dimensions(h x w x d): 40" x 50"

Oil on canvas

Located in Lincoln Hall 349, College of the Arts dean's office, reception area

This work depicts characters from Shakespeare's The Tempest, a play with which artist Rosemarie Beck was particularly fascinated and one of the first pieces of literature she took upon herself to illustrate.

About the Artist

Rosemarie Beck was an American Abstract Expressionist and Figurative Expressionist painter associated with the New York School. The daughter of Hungarian Jewish immigrants, Beck was a painter, needleworker, musician and journal writer. She was known for her joyous figure drawings, dense and colorful embroideries and large, rigorously organized paintings inspired by themes from classical mythology and literature. In 2015, PSU hosted Lyric Truth: Paintings, Drawings and Embroideries of Rosemarie Beck, a collaborative exhibition and symposium, in the Broadway Gallery.

See more of Rosemarie Beck's work on the Rosemarie Beck Foundation website.

This work was donated in the name of Patricia Schecter, professor of history at Portland State University.

Banner image by Loren Nelson.