Apply for the McNair Scholars Program

McNair scholars at honor cord ceremony

To apply for the McNair Scholars Program:

  1. Check to see if you are eligible. Review  Eligibility Criteria 
  2. Review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  3. Complete the McNair Online Application Form (available in the Fall)
  4. Here is a checklist for documents and information you will need to fill out the online application.

If you need help with the application or want to attend an informational session about the application and the McNair Scholars Program, send an email to "".

We will send you a link to an informational session on Zoom that works for you.

Distributing paper copies of the application from the McNair Program office at CH349 is not possible at this time. We will; however, work with you to explore options for creating a paper copy of the application if you absolutely need one for accessibility reasons.