Our Region

How do we define the Portland Metroscape? Despite city boundaries, urban systems function dramatically, contain a variety of land use and landscape types, and trail off in intensity rather than end abruptly at the outer limits.

The Institute of Portland Metropolitan Studies envisions the Portland Metropolitan region as a vibrant, diverse, metropolitan region that provides economic, cultural, educational, and social opportunity to its citizens. The region’s citizens engage and collaborate to advance shared objectives and seek to build a common base of information and understanding among diverse community members.

The region we serve encompasses the six counties of the Portland metropolitan region: Clackamas, Clark, Columbia, Multnomah, Yamhill, and Washington. It is a region characterized by the intersection of great rivers and the work of flowing water. We are a part of Oregon, part of Washington, and part of the Pacific Rim. Our roots can be found in the forests, in the fields, and on the decks of ships and boats, though today we host an ever-expanding array of cutting-edge technology industries, authors, artists, and restaurants. Follow these area web links to find out more about our region.