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Fourth Year - Honors Thesis

In the final year of undergraduate study, all Honors College students complete a thesis. The thesis is a serious research project, representing a valuable opportunity for Honors students to work closely with a faculty advisor from their major departmentStudents generally take 8 credits of thesis coursework to complete the project in two terms; the minimum number of thesis credits required to graduate is six.  

Thesis Dates & Deadlines

Deadline for submission of the completed thesis is Friday of week eight of the term in which the student completes their thesis coursework.
The Honors Spring Thesis Symposium is held on Thursday of the ninth week of Spring term.  Symposia for Fall and Winter terms take place on Friday of week ten of the term.
For information on Thesis Dates and Deadlines click: HERE

Thesis Requirements

Students are required to first take the 4-credit HON 403 Thesis: Prospectus seminar, in which they identify their thesis advisor and write their thesis prospectus. Upon completing HON 403 seminar with a passing grade, the student will then enroll in one or more of the 4-credit HON 403 Thesis Continuation sections, in which they will complete their thesis.

For additional information on the thesis process, please review UHC Thesis Guidelines for Students.

For additional information on acting as an advisor, please see UHC Thesis Guidelines for Departmental Advisors.

For a copy of the Thesis Prospectus Signature Sheet click HERE.

Thesis Presentation

The last part of the thesis is participation in a symposium at which you will present your work. Your Departmental Advisor, UHC faculty and students, and your guests are encouraged to attend. 

Students also have the option of presenting their thesis project at the PSU Student Research Symposium in early May each year. Proposals for the Student Research Symposium open each year at the end of February and are due by early April.

Thesis Archives in PDXScholar

Honors theses are stored online through the PSU Library. Read past Honors theses online at PDXScholar.

Honors theses are also available in the Undergraduate Research Commons, showcasing undergraduate research from universities nationwide.