Fourth Year: Honors Thesis

Honors Thesis Presenter

Showcase Your Skills

Apply your cultivated expertise to an in-depth thesis project of your own design. Work alongside a faculty mentor in your major and publish your work in Portland State's online database for academic, scholarly, scientific, and creative work.

In your final year all Honors College students complete a thesis, a serious research project representing a valuable opportunity for Honors students to work closely with a faculty advisor from their major department. Students generally take 8 credits of HON 403 over two terms to complete their thesis.

Thesis Requirements

Students are required to first take the 4-credit HON 403 Thesis: Prospectus seminar, in which they identify their thesis advisor and write their thesis prospectus. Upon completing HON 403 Prospectus with a passing grade, the student will then enroll in one or more of the 4-credit HON 403 Thesis Continuation sections, in which they will complete their thesis.

Download the Thesis Handbook >>

Thesis Orientation

Honors offers a thesis orientation that is highly recommended for all students in their junior year. Several sessions are offered each term.

The Thesis Orientation is considered mandatory for all junior-level students in Honors. If you plan to graduate in the following year, you should attend a session. Students who transfer into Honors as juniors should plan to attend a thesis orientation within the first two terms in the college.

At the Orientation you will learn more about thesis requirements and processes, as well as getting answers to frequently (and not-so-frequently!) asked questions. While the Thesis Orientation is not required at this time, it is strongly recommended for all UHC students. Students may attend the orientation at any point during their time in Honors; we have found it to be particularly useful for transfer students entering Honors in their Junior year.  

Due to remote delivery during, all orientation sessions will be presented on Zoom.

Thesis Deadlines 2020-2021 Academic Year

First Term HON 403 Thesis: Prospectus

Signed forms should be checked in by the HON 403 Thesis Prospectus instructor at each stage of the process. The fully signed form should be submitted to the HON 403 Instructor at the last class session of the term.

Deadline Description     Spring 2021
Approval of Department Advisor: If you don't think you will be able to recruit an advisor by the end of week three, it may be best for them to delay taking the course until they have done so.     April 16
Approval of Research Question & Bibliography: The students should work on this in partnership with their departmental advisor and with the support of Honors faculty teaching the Prospectus course.     May 7
Submission of Completed Prospectus to Advisor: Allow at least two weeks for the departmental advisor to read and grade the prospectus.     May 21
Approval of Prospectus & Submittal of Fully Signed Prospectus Approval Sheet: Submit fully signed forms to your HON 403 Instructor     Due at the last class session of the term

Second Term HON 403 Thesis: Continuation

Deadline Description Spring 2021   Summer 2021

Sign up for the Thesis Symposium: Fill out the Thesis: Intent to Present Form

April 30


July 1

Upload Complete Draft of Thesis to PDX.Scholar

May 21   August 5

Presentation Video Due

May 26   August 10

Thesis Symposium

May 28   August 12

 Departmental Advisor Initial Review Complete*

May 29   August 12

Student Revision

June 4   August 15

Final Deadline for Full Approval and Grading: Approvals received after this date may delay graduation

June 11  

August 16

NOTE: All deadlines are 11:59 pm on the date indicated 

*Departmental Advisor Initial Review Complete

  • If Advisor approves as written: Student must confirm publication
  • If Advisor approves with minor revisions: Student submits revised draft to PDX.Scholar
  • If Advisor requests major revisions: Student submits revised draft, which Advisor re-reviews

A final grade cannot be given until the Departmental Advisor has approved the final uploaded draft of the thesis.