Connecting Global Leaders with Portland's Innovators Customized study tours connect visitors with local experts who can best answer their questions via presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and...

What is First Stop Portland? 

We custom-design Study Tours for delegations visiting Portland, Oregon, USA to learn about our unique strategies for creating a vibrant, sustainable city. Our programs are tailored to address each delegation's particular area of interest or concern. We connect visitors with Portland's experts, leaders, and innovators in business, politics, and research-- the people who can share "The Portland Story" best because they're writing it.

Are you an urban leader looking for inspiration? Do you want to hear lessons learned by Portland's experts from 40 years of green innovation? Do you want to better understand sustainable urban development policy and best practices? Do you want to make connections and exchange knowledge with your peers? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a Study Tour with First Stop Portland may be be right for you. 

Why Portland?

Leaders from around the world and across sectors are visiting Portland to experience firsthand what makes it a sustainable, livable place. Learn more about why people are visiting Portland.

Plan your Study Tour

We customize programs for groups of all sizes. Study Tours include site visits, field studies meetings, panel discussions, and networking events with Portland’s experts. Begin designing  your study tour now.

Plan your Conference

For conferences in Portland, First Stop develops programming to compliment the meeting's theme and goals. See examples of our conference programming here.


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