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The most useful complement to any PSU major

Many national and international organizations search for employees with knowledge of our multicultural society and in particular the Chicano/Latino community. With a minor or certificate in Chicano/Latino Studies, you will be well-prepared to hold a position of leadership in any multicultural community. You can earn the minor or certificate while satisfying University Studies requirements or major/minor requirements. The certificate is also available as a post-baccalaureate degree.

Pathway Advising

For information on your general undergraduate requirements, connect with advisors in Advising and Career Services. They can help you:

  • Understand your graduation requirements and create a degree plan 
  • Access appropriate financial tools and resources and direct you to financial support services
  • Confirm your major choice and/or help you identify a major that suits your skills, values, interests, and goals 
  • Explore careers (to be done before you reach 90 credits, or during the first term if you are a transfer student)
  • Review your final graduation plan and apply for your degree

Minor or Certificate Advising

For academic advising in the Chicano/Latino Studies Program, reach out to Roberto De Anda.