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DARS Process

A summary of the steps master's degree students must follow in order to obtain a master's degree is available here.

Graduate DARS audits can now be run in BanWeb! To get started, go to, select Student Services (Faculty Services for faculty members), then DARS. More detailed instructions are available on the Student Information (here) and Faculty and Staff Information (here) pages.

Graduation Audit Process Using DARS

This process is being used for all master's degree, doctoral degree, and graduate certificate programs. GO-12s are no longer used for master's degree students and program completion forms are no longer used for graduate certificate students.  (Other GO forms, if applicable to the individual situation, are still required.  All OGS forms are available here.) 

  • The student submits the Application for Awarding of Master's Degree, Doctoral Degree, or Graduate Certificate by the specified deadline.
  • Preliminary DARS audits are run by OGS in week 5 for students who have met the application for graduation deadline. The audits are sent to the department for review in a batch. 
  • Departments review the preliminary audits and notify OGS of any exceptions needed to the individual DARS reports. This step should be done by the 7th week of the term.
  • OGS processes the exceptions to the DARS reports. 
  • Between week 7 and 10 of the term (before grade roll), departments should run DARS audits in BanWeb on graduating students to verify that exceptions submitted previously have been processed and have taken care of the student's deficiencies. If not, department should submit new exceptions as needed. 
  • After grades roll for the term, OGS will begin its final graduation review. At this point, all forms and exceptions should have been submitted by the department and the DARS audit should show the student is meeting all requirements for the degree. If the DARS audit shows outstanding issues, departments will be notified. Departments submit new forms and/or exception requests as needed.
  • When OGS has determined that all requirements for graduation have been met, the student is certified for graduation and the degree is awarded in BANNER.

Due to the high volume of graduates each term, OGS does not notify students individually when their degrees are awarded. The best way to verify if your degree has been awarded is to check your unofficial transcript in BanWeb ( Once graduation processing is finished for the term, the Office of Degree Requirements will send all graduates a notification about when and how diplomas will be available.