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DARS is the acronym for the Degree Audit Reporting System – an automated system that compares a student’s coursework to the requirements for a degree and produces a report which shows the requirements that have been met, those that are still outstanding, and any course issues that may prevent the student from completing the degree.  DARS is a valuable tool for students and faculty advisers as it provides on-demand access to a student’s degree progress and will allow any deficiencies to be identified immediately and addressed in a timely fashion.

Use the links below to find out more information on graduate DARS.

DARS Process

Student Information

Faculty and Staff Information




8/31/15 - u.achieve is now live!
The upgrade from the old DARS system to the new u.achieve system was a success! We will continue to refer to the system as DARS and the audits as DARS audits. Running your audit in BanWeb is even simpler than before. Log in to Banweb to get started.




If you have any questions about graduate DARS, please contact us at