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Public Comment

Pursuant to the Policy on Policies, the University provides notice of proposed new  or revised University Policies.  The University has provided notice regarding the following draft policies and is accepting public comment on such policies until the date indicated. 

Please click on the button to the right to submit a comment on a draft policy.

Note: This policy is open for comment for the purposes of an organized Faculty Senate response.

Proposed Policy Title Responsible Office Responsible Officer Last Day for Public Comment
Religious Accommadations Policy GDI and HR Executive Director - GDI 6/30/15


Adopted Policies

 Portland State University has a Policy on Policies to govern the University's policy making process. As policies are either created or revised using this process, they will be listed below.

Policy Title Policy Number Responsible Office Adoption Date
Policy on Policies 11-01 General Counsel 10/12/2011

Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment Policy


Office of Equity and Compliance

Reasonable Accommodation/Access Policy (revised 2/27/14) 12-02 Disability Resource Center & Human Resources 8/15/2012
Financial Conflict of Interest Policy
12-03 Research & Strategic Partnerships 8/24/2012
Email Communication Policy 13-01 Office of Information Technology 1/29/2013
Philanthropic Naming & Endowment Policy 13-02 University Advancement 1/29/2013
Financial Irregularities Policy 14-01 Finance and Administration 3/13/2014
Signature Authority & Delegation Policy 14-02 Finance and Administration 7/1/14
Equity in Public Contracting Policy 14-03 Finance and Administration 7/1/14
Acceptable Use Policy 14-04 Office of Information Technology 7/1/14

Consensual Relationships Policy

(FAQs for this Policy)

14-05 Office of Equity and Compliance & Human Resources & Office of Academic Affairs 7/1/14
Smoke & Tobacco Free Policy 14-06 Center for Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) 12/21/14
Student Conduct and Responsibilty Policy 15-01 Dean of Student Life 2/27/15


Policies in Progress

University Policy Committee Meetings

Other PSU Policies:

These are maintained by their departments of origin (Academic Affairs, Affirmative Action (Now Office of Equity & Compliance), Campus Public Safety, Communications, Dean of Students, Development, Facilities, Financial Aid, Human Resources, Information Technology, Library, Registration, Research Administration, University Financial Services) and can be found below.

Office of the General Counsel
University Policy on Policies

Academic Affairs
Academic Standing Policy
Dean's and President's List
"I" to "F" Grading Policy and Form for Undergraduate Courses
Policies for Awarding PSU Honorary Degrees

Office of Equity & Compliance (formerly Affirmative Action)
PSU Policy Concerning Consensual Relationships
Assistance Animal Policy
Equal Opportunity Statement

Campus Public Safety
Alcohol Policy
Firearm Policy
Smoking & Tobacco Policy

Graphic Identity Standards Policies

Dean of Students
PSU Housing Code of Conduct Policies
Student Code of Conduct

Endowed Funds Policy
Gift Acceptance Policy
Information Management Policy and Procedures

Surplus Property Policy

Financial Aid
Disbursement Policy
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Human Resources
Code of Ethics, Policy, Ethics Guide for Public Employees
Conflicts of Interest for Faculty Policy
Consensual Relationship Policy
Driver's License & Criminal Background Check Policies
Drug-Free Policy
Fiscal Irregularity Policy
Acceptable Use Policy
Preventing Illness in the Work Place Policy
Professional Standards of Conduct Policy
PSU Telecommuting Policy
Publicity/Media Policy
Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment Policy
University Closure Policy

Information Technology
Information Security Policy

Copyright Policy
Privacy Policy
Use of Licensed Databases
User Rights and Responsibilities

Repeat Policy
Undergraduate Missed Class Policy

Research Administration
Cost Share Policy
Cost Transfer Policy
Research Misconduct Policy
Human Subject Research Review Committee Policy
Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals
Assurance of Compliance with Public Health Service Policy
Institutional Biosafety Research Oversight
Outside Employment Policy

University Financial Services
PSU Indirect Cost Policy - Please see the Financial Services Policies Manual
PSU - PCard Post Review Program and Policy Statement - Please see the Financial Services Policies Manual
Revolving Charge Account Policy
University Place Policy


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