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Indigenous Nations Studies
Indigenous Nations Studies at Portland State University aims to provide the best possible educational experiences for our students through excellence in teaching, research, creative activity and service to the state, tribes and society.


Greetings Relatives!

Welcome students to another beautiful Spring Term at

Portland State University.

Please check out our Indigenous Nations Studies website! A shout-out to Christina Urenia for developing and updating our INST website. Browse through our web-site to discover the many courses, events and activities that are available at PSU. Our outstanding students are highly engaged within the process of Indigenous ways of knowing across the minor that we offer in INST. Too, our faculty are renowned and among the most productive in the state and nation. This month, we submitted to the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences our proposal for the establishment of the School of Gender, Race, and Nations.

The School of Gender, Race, and Nations (SGRN) will advance the dynamic interdisciplinary studies examining historically under-served populations and their contributions. The founding units of the School include: Black Studies; Chicano/Latina Studies; Women, Gender,   and Sexuality Studies; and Indigenous Nations Studies          (formerly Native American Studies). It will forge alliances across disciplines, displacing entrenched orthodoxies and discourses of power and privilege. It will achieve its vision through a teaching and research agenda that critically examines and challenges exclusionary disciplinary boundaries as well as conceptual and systemic borders. It is no wonder that our programs and activities are so highly regarded by our current students and former students. As we move further into the spring change of season, our faculty is critically conscious that we are servants of the Native community whose responsibility is to bring balance to our professional lives and to our many wonderful students and colleagues. In our culturally responsive pedagogy, we try to help our students develop this holistic balance through designing course experiences that engage in both the natural and spiritual world while at the same time trying to bring individuals into harmony with multiple worldviews. Also, just as everything and everyone is a teacher, we too are students of Indigenous ways of knowing. As we journey through this spring term together, let us remind ourselves that we are learning within different levels of consciousness especially in the processes of decolonization and that we are always in a continuous decolonizational process of teaching and learning with the help of all our teachers (the two-legged, four-legged, water beings, and winged ones).

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our website. We are proud of our faculty, students and alumni, and we invite you to join the Indigenous Nations Studies family of learners and storytellers. You’ll learn, as so many have before you that PSU is a great place to learn and study.


With warmest regards,

Cornel Pewewardy, D.Ed. Professor and Director