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Fall Course Highlights

Fall Course Highlights
INST is an interdisciplinary program that draws from a wide range of departments and coursework. We welcome students of all ideologies and cultural backgrounds to participate in the development of real-world decolonized solutions to some of today's most pressing challenges.

Portland State of Mind

Portland State of Mind
The department of Indigenous Nation Studies invites you to join them for Circle Time, an opportunity for examining tribal identity and citizenship in schools, multicultural society, and sports culture through the sens of social Media.


Return to/Return of Camas - Cultural Restoration of Camas as First Foods fosters Indigenous student leadership, engaging with urban Native American community, students and tribes in issues related to Indigenous land management practices and cultural restoration/ education. - Judy BlueHorse Skelton
Welcome to the Indigenous Nations Studies (INST) website!


Fall Term 2016 Welcoming, 


Welcome to you all as we enter another new Fall season here in Portland and Multnomah County. The 2016 Fall Term brings seasonal excitement and exceptional learning opportunities to PSU students for the 2016-2017 academic year, as well as to the citizens of Portland and beyond. The front office staff continues to be anchored by Angela Canton and Josh Powell.  Let’s give a shout out to the new Director of School of Gender, Race and Nations, Dr. Grady-Willis who comes to PSU from Metropolitan State in Denver, CO.  His office is supported by a new office staff member, Kelly Mackura. We welcome our new colleagues and relatives to SGRN. 


Given the historical realities and the ongoing social, economic, and political consequences of a colonial legacy, a culturally responsive program in Indigenous Nations Studies is dedicated and must focus on the protection and strengthening of Native/Indigenous sovereignty, self-determination, and human rights. Our faculty is dedicated to the educational, cultural and sovereign advancement of the communities we serve. I am proud to be among a faculty that sees our teaching, research, and service as a "sacred" responsibility to all our students, and particularly to the tribal nations in the state of Oregon.  


As the Director, I advocate our INST faculty playing an active role guiding the intellectual, ethical, and social development of our students so that they will acquire a comprehensive and practice-based understanding of U.S. Indian law and policy, self-determination sustainability, warrior leadership that understands the concepts of colonization/decolonization, and Nation-building. 


INST is made up of an unparalleled community of faculty, students, staff, alumni, and partners. We are known for our academic rigor, extraordinary diversity, collaborative spirit, and for developing real-world decolonized solutions to some of today’s most pressing challenges within tribal nations and society. 

Some of our most recent faculty projects include Judy Bluehorse Skelton’s local internships in creating urban gardens; Cornel Pewewardy’s study examining the issues surrounding American Indian mascot issues at the local, state and national levels; and Grace Dillon expanding her research writings on Indigenous Futurisms to London, England. These projects, coupled with the works of Native students on our campus and at both partnership schools, provide our students with a learning environment at the intersection of theory and practice that prepares them to become the next generation of leaders in education and tribal nations. 


I invite you to visit our campus or contact us by phone or email to explore the numerous opportunities that the Indigenous Nations Studies provides. We hope to have more opportunities to keep you apprised of our work, and really wish to hear about the great things you are doing. Stay in touch! 


Cornel Pewewardy (Comanche/Kiowa), 
Professor & Director of Indigenous Nations Studies