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Senate Membership




Presiding Officer: Leslie McBride
Presiding Officer Elect: Bob Liebman
Secretary (ex officio): Martha Hickey
Committee Members:Amy Greenstadt andGary Brodowicz (2014)
                               Karin Magaldi and Lynn Santelmann (2015)
                                David Hansen, ex officio, Chair, Committee on Committees
                                Maude Hines, ex officio, IFS Representative

Past President: Robert Daasch

2013-14 Senate Roster

Ex Officio Members of the Senate 13- 14 

 *The Senate Presiding Office, Presiding Officer Elect, and Steering Committee members (2) are elected at the June meeting of the PSU Facullty Senate. Presiding Officer and PO Elect serve for one year, and steering committee members serve for 2 years.  The Chair of the Committee on Committees is elected by the Committee on Committees at their last meeting before the June meeting of the Faculty Senate, and serves for one year. The Secretary to the Faculty is appointed by the President.

Above: 2011-12 President Gwen Shusterman at Annual Retreat 2010

Faculty Senate Discussion Wiki

Faculty Senate Steering Committe and Leadership Annual Retreat

Steer Cmttee SEP 10 RetreatSeptember 2010 - The Senate Leadership held the first annual Leadership Retreat on 1 September 2010. Present were the Steering Committee and chairs of Academic Requirements, Budget, and Educational Policies committees, amongst others. An overview of their discussions may be found in Presiding Officer Maude Hines's 2010 Annual Letter to the Senate.

Left: 2010-11 President Maude Hines