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CLEE houses graduate and undergraduate students from several departments, many of whom are funded through national and international fellowships.


Graduate Students

Adrianna Bon Ramos - Iwata-Reuyl Lab
Matthew Chmielewski - Eppley Lab
Chris Deutsch - Iwata-Reuyl Lab
Eric Iverson - Stedman Lab
Jim Laidler - Stedman Lab
George Kasun - Steadman Lab
Hannah Prather - Rosenstiel Lab
James Proestos - Iwata-Reuyl Lab
Benjamin Rauch - Perona Lab
Claire Riggs - Podrabsky Lab
Aaron Rogers - Perona Lab
Amie Romney - Podrabsky Lab
Tharuka Jayathilaka - Lehman Lab
Ben Turner - Iwata-Reuyl Lab
Josiah Wagner - Podrabsky Lab

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students participate in a variety of research opportunitiies with CLEE researchers.  Interested students are welcome to email faculty on an individual basis or can submit an email through the contact form.