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Undergraduate Programs

For detailed information regarding each program, please see the links to the left.

Please note that prospective undergraduate and PostBac students must apply to the University; forms and additional information are on the admissions section of the main University site. The departmental application for undergraduates is done by admitted students who are ready to enter the junior year and have fulfilled all the lower-division (Freshman and Sophomore) CS requirements; it does not need to be completed by students who are applying for admission to the University.

If you are not admitted to the upper division CS program, you will be blocked from registering for upper division and/or graduate CS courses via a "major block".

Internship Programs

The department encourages students to pursue internships as a complement to the formal academic training we offer. Typically students who are in their junior year or later can obtain interesting positions where they can exercise the skills they are learning in the classroom, and check out potential future employers. Our rich environment of high-tech companies makes this an attractive prospect, and most of our students do at least one internship in the course of their undergraduate career.

The College participates in the MECOP program, which is an industry-run internship program that offers trained mentors and interesting experiences in a variety of regional companies. Students must interview to be accepted to the program. Once accepted, they do two six-month paid internships, and graduate with a degree, a resume, and a network of potential employers.

The PSU/PDX Cooperative Education Program (PCEP) is a two year cooperative educational program in which Computer Science students work 20 hours per week at one of our local PCEP Partner companies in a series of defined internship roles, while concurrently taking eight credits each term on-campus at PSU.   Undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to apply.  

Local employers also seek out our students for less formal internship opportunities. We maintain a bulletin board in the employment section under the resources area of this website. Current students and alums should consult the office to obtain the password for this part of the website.

Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

The Department has a wide variety of research programs in interesting areas. Our faculty enjoy working with undergraduates and typically many of them have funding for summer jobs for undergraduates to work on research. Students can also get project credit for this work, or can do unpaid projects during the academic year. Students who plan on advancing to graduate school are advised to accumulate research experience as undergraduates. We have placed students from our program at top schools such as Carnegie-Mellon, University of Washington, and Berkeley, based on this type of experience along with excellent grades.

For any questions regarding our Undergraduate programs, please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator at