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Graduate Admission

For questions regarding graduate admission, please contact the Graduate Coordinator at

Admission Requirements

Admission to the graduate program is competitive. To be considered for admission, you must have:
  • A four-year baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution*
  • 3.0 or equivalent GPA
  • International students must meet English Language Proficiency Requirements 
  • GRE score, the minimum average for accepted applicants is 60th percentile in Quantitative and 25th percentile in Verbal.
*If your bachelor's degree is not in computer science, you must make up the background needed for graduate study before applying for admission. Please see related FAQ.

Our admission decisions are based on all the information you provide to us. You are welcome to contact the Graduate Coordinator at if you'd like to discuss your specific situation.

Students may apply to the master's program, and then later transfer to the doctoral program. This procedure is recommended if you are not sure which degree you will seek. Students who are sure that they wish to enter the doctoral program (those who already have a master's in CS, for example) may apply directly for the higher degree. Doctoral applicants are screened more carefully than master's applicants. A student who is not well prepared or who does not have a clear motivation and a likely choice of research area will probably not be admitted to the doctoral program. These issues should be addressed in the student's personal statement accompanying the application.


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Application Procedure

The admission process is slow, so you should apply early, especially if you are an international student. The deadlines for applications are set up to guarantee there will be time to process your application in advance of the term in which you plan to enter.The admission process will be delayed if incomplete applications are submitted.

Applicants must submit two applications - One to PSU Admissions, and one to the Department. Procedures for each are described below:

The CS department application process is entirely online. You will need to create an account before filling out the application. Please see Account Directions & Information before filling out the application. You will be able to save an incomplete application and return at a later date using the log in you create.

Please read the document checklist below before proceeding to the online application. Be prepared to submit the requested documents electronically:

  1. GRE Score report. (If you do not have a copy to upload electronically, official copies can be requested from ETS and sent to School code 4610, Department code 0402)
  2. TOEFL or IELTS Score report: International students only. If copy not available, please list the date taken, or date to be taken.
  3. Two letters of recommendation: You will be asked to provide contact information for two recommenders, preferably people who know your academic performance and potential. Letters from work supervisors are also acceptable.
  4. Transcript(s) from each postsecondary institution you have attended, (including PSU). Unofficial copies are accepted.
  5. A short personal statement describing your plans, interests and qualifications. Give your background in CS, including any relevant work experience, your primary interests in CS and your reasons for seeking a graduate degree. Please indicate whether you plan to work toward the degree part-time or full-time; if part-time, describe your other employment or major activities. If you are applying for immediate admission to the doctoral program, include a description of your potential research area, the faculty members with whom you hope to do your research, and your reasons for not entering the master's program.
  6. If you will require financial assistance to attend PSU, include a departmental application for a teaching assistantship. You can upload this form at the end of the application in "additional uploads"

For questions about using this online application form, please contact Please do not submit more than one application.


 PSU CS Undergrads Only: Complete Office of Admissions portion of the application, then contact the Graduate Coordinator at to obtain departmental application.


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Admission Deadlines

The admission process is slow, so you should apply as early as possible, especially if you are an international student. The following deadlines ensure there will be time to process your application in advance of the term for which you are applying. Students are encouraged to submit their University application as early as possible to obtain a PSU ID number, which will ease further processing.

The official deadlines for submission of all materials to the University Office of Admissions are as follows:

(Term) Standard Deadline / International Student Deadline
(Fall) April 1 / March 1
(Winter) September 1 / July 1
(Spring) November 1 / October 1

The deadlines for submission of application materials to the CS department are as follows:

(Fall) March 1 
(Winter) May 15
(Spring) November 1 


Financial support, when offered, typically starts in Fall term. The deadlines for international students are anticipated to account for the time required to obtain visas. Applications should be received by the deadline of the term of admission. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed, so applicants are encouraged to complete all requirements prior to submitting the application. If you are unable to do so, please contact the Graduate Coordinator at


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Application Forms


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