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Center for Electron Microscopy & Nanofabrication
Welcome to Center for Electron Microscopy and Nanofabrication (CEMN), a signature facility of Oregon Nanotechnology and Microtechnology Institute (ONAMI)



CEMN Services


CEMN Open House and Microanalysis workshop is coming soon...


  • CEMN received NSF-MRI Awards to purchase a scanning microprobe including XPS, UPS, AES.
  • CEMN is purchasing three Oxford instruments SDD EDX detectors to upgrade our TECNAI F20 TEM, Sirion SEM, and Strata FIB.  We plan to install the detectors and Aztec software in July 2013.
  • An automated surface analyser is successfully installed at CEMN. The instrument offers single and multipoint BET surface area analysis, pore size and volume analysis for solid materials.
  • Jeol 2000FX TEM is successfully installed and available for training. The microscope is installed with an Oxford EDX detector and Gatan CCD camera.
  •  A HAADF detector has been successfully installed on TECNAI F20 TEM
  • CEMN is purchasing two slicon drift detectors for TECNAI F20 TEM and Jeol 2000FX TEM
  • CEMN has a new Zeiss Sigma VP SEM installed with EDS and WDS