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Sponsoring Organizations

A Sponsoring Organization in the Oregon Professional Development System is a partner within the state childhood care and education infrastructure that provides, coordinates, or facilitates community based training sessions for professionals in the field. Examples include resource and referral programs, professional organizations, such as OAEYC, PRO, and OACCD, Head Start programs, and child care programs.

Frequently Asked Questions - Sponsoring Organizations

Registered Sponsoring Organizations use certified Oregon Registry Trainers. Sponsoring Organizations may also use of trainers who are not certified in the Oregon Registry Trainer program.

The roles and responsibilities for Sponsoring Organizations give details about Sponsoring Organizations in the Oregon Registry Trainer Program. Sponsoring Organizations must complete a registration form and submit it to OCCD.

A Sponsoring Organization administrator may designate one or more “Representatives” who will assure that their training sessions  meet standards of the professional development system. Each representative must submit a registration form and document successful completion of the Sponsoring Organization Representative Orientation.

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints about a Sponsoring Organization, please contact:

Toll Free: (877) 725-8535; (503) 725-8235
Fax: (503) 725-5430; Email: