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Faculty Development Funding Opportunities

Full-Time Faculty

Part-Time Faculty

Additional Opportunities

Portland State faculty and staff may be eligible for additional internal funding opportunities through:


Full-Time Faculty
(appointments of 0.50 FTE or greater)

Faculty Development Grants are administered by the Faculty Development Committee appointed by the Faculty Senate. The Committee supports a broad range of professional development activities.

Institutional Career Review is addressed in the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the AAUP, Article 16. The Faculty Senate is charged, by the provost, to conduct a review and reconsideration of current guidelines. During this review, units should continue to follow current institutional and unit guidelines for review of post tenure faculty. No funding is currently designated for this program. Faculty are encouraged to apply for funding through the Faculty Development Grant Program.

  • Contact: department chairs, dean's offices


The President's Mini-Grant Awards. The Office of Global Diversity & Inclusion and the Diversity Action Council (DAC) seek to promote a positive campus climate for diversity; support the development of diversity curriculum; enhance communications across race, gender, and other boundaries; and assist in the recruitment and retention of a diverse student body, faculty, staff, and administration. The President’s Diversity Mini-Grant Program supports diversity activities that address these goals. Support may be requested for curricular development projects; campus events and programs; or diversity-related research, including but not limited to the evaluation of campus diversity programs. For more information on these mini-grants, please call the contact listed below.

  • Due date: see website for details
  • Awards: up to $500
  • RFP will be availible Fall term
  • Contact: Patrick Villaflores, The Office of Global Diversity and Inclusion, 503-725-5969, for this years funding opportunity. 


The Faculty Fellows Program. The Office of Academic Innovation is pleased to announce the 17th year of supporting faculty innovation in teaching, scholarship, assessment, and engagement. The Faculty Fellows Program convenes a group of interdisciplinary faculty who, over several meetings, work on completing individual projects while benefiting from discussions with and resources off ered by their fellow colleagues. 2013 - 2014  mini-grants to support faculty development and community university partnerships, ranging from $1,000-$1,500, are described below.

Faculty Fellow for Partnerships. Faculty who are interested in initiating community-university partnerships to develop curricular engagement and related scholarly opportunities for themselves and their students are invited to participate in the Faculty Fellow for Partnerships program. Participants can expect to be a part of a multi-disciplinary learning community of faculty who are all similarly interested and new to community-university partnership development. Resources and curricular development support will be provided.

  • Funding available: $10,000 (under consideration pending budgetary approval)
  • Awards:$1,000
  • RFP will be available in October
  • Contact: Amy Spring, OAI, 503-725-5582.

Faculty Fellow for Innovative Course Design.

Faculty who are interested in designing or redesigning a course or set of courses using an intellectually interesting process with colleagues from across campus are invited to participate in Faculty Fellows for Innovative Course Design.  Participants can expect to explore and apply course development practices that not only encourage students to gain strong foundational knowledge in a field, but also engage students in thinking for themselves in a discipline, becoming increasingly confident participants in the knowledge communities represented by the course(s).  Priority will be given to applications that demonstrate the potential for course development plans to extend beyond a single course (e.g., can be extended to a series of courses, could enhance multiple gateway courses, could be shared with colleagues who teach in similar course or curricular area, etc.)

  • Mini-grant: $1,000 (under consideration pending budgetary approval)
  • RFP will be available in October
  • Contact:  Janelle Voegele, OAI, 503-725-8341


Internationalization Mini-Grant Awards This award is administered by the Internationalization Council (IC).  The award furthers one goal of the IC:  to increase opportunities for PSU faculty, academic professionals and staff to incorporate international dimensions into their teaching, scholarly agendas, programs and professional development. Applications are invited from all PSU staff, faculty and departments. 

  • Funding available: TBD
  • Awards: Approximately $1,000
  • Applications due: January 24, 2014
  • Application guidelines
  • Contact: Christina Luther, International Student and Scholar Services, 503-725-5468


Part-Time Faculty
(appointments less than 0.50 FTE)

The Faculty Education Fund provides support for tuition when part-time faculty enrolled in Portland State University courses. Fees to faculty are limited to a per course credit per the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Portland State University Faculty Association. (See appendix D at the end of the Agreement.) The fund is available to support instructional fees for one Portland State course per term; other fees are not covered. Eligible part-time faculty are those who have worked at Portland State for at least two terms and who have been members of the Portland State University Faculty Association (PSUFA) bargaining unit in the current or previous academic year. PSUFA and the University certify eligibility for these awards.

The Professional Development Fund for Part-Time Faculty covers the cost of research, travel, and conference attendance related to responsibilities at the University. Eligibility is limited to faculty who have taught for at least six terms at Portland State University, are members of the PSUFA bargaining unit, and have reasonable expectations of continuing university employment. Funding decisions are made by the Provost.


Additional Opportunities

Portland State faculty and staff may be eligible for additional internal funding opportunities through: