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Honors Advising

Academic Advising

All Honors students should plan to meet with Brianna Avery, the Honors College Academic Adviser, at least once in each year of their studies.

Drop In Advising

Mondays and Tuesdays from 10-12; Thursdays from 12-2.


Available Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. Sign up online: or call 503-725-4928.

When To Meet With the Honors Adviser:

  • Understanding Honors College requirements, choosing an Honors course
  • Changing/choosing a major
  • Exploring academic, personal, & career goals
  • Academic difficulties and other challenges, petitions etc.
  • Scholarship search
  • Job/internship/career information
  • Graduate school preparation
  • Letters of Recommendation for internships, jobs, etc. 
  • Making referrals and connections, when you don’t know where else to go!

Major Advising

Students must meet with their major advisers at least once during their first year at PSU to satisfy the freshman advising requirement. Students who are undecided should meet with Brianna for major advising.

Major advisers are located in each School/College or academic department. Find your major adviser.

When to Meet With Your Major Adviser:

  • Course planning & registration
  • Major requirements and PSU graduation requirements, course substitutions, etc.
  • Mandatory advising for all PSU students during your first year at PSU
  • Providing major specific information, updates on departmental scholarships, opportunities 
  • Making referrals and connections, when you don’t know where else to go!