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PSU graduates can considerably enrich the value of their degree by obtaining a certificate in Chicano/Latino Studies.

Certificate in Chicano/Latino Studies

A certificate in Chicano/Latino Studies is a valuable asset for individuals preparing to work in fields and professions that place a premium on effectively reaching out to Latino/a individuals and communities, especially, but not limited to, health, education, business (marketing, human resources), counseling, legal, and public service professions.

At Portland State University a certificate is an intermediary credential-more than a minor, but less than a major-that students obtain to enrich or add value to their selected major.

A balanced interdisciplinary program of social science, humanities, and Spanish-language requirements makes the Chicano/Latino Studies certificate one of the most useful supplements to a PSU major. The certificate requires 36 credits distributed as follows:



ChLa 201 Introduction to Chicano/Latino Studies (4)

ChLa 301U Chicano/Latino Communities (4)

ChLa 302U Survey of Chicano/Latino Literature (4)

ChLa 303U Chicana/Latina Experience (4)

Span 301 & 302 Third Year Spanish (8)



One 400 level course required

ChLa 330 Latino Popular Culture (4)

ChLa 375U Southwestern Borderlands (4)

ChLa 380U Latinos, the Economy, & Politics (4)

ChLa 390U Latinos in the Pacific Northwest (4)

ChLa 399 Special Studies (Latinos and Health, Mayas, Aztecs, & Chicanos)

ChLa 405 Reading and Conference (1-4)

ChLa 407 Seminar (1-4)

ChLa 408 Workshop (Mexican & Chicano Muralism, Mexican Folk Dance) (1-4)

ChLa 410 Selected Topics (Popular Culture through Film, Latina Women Testimonies) (1-4)

ChLa 411 Chicano/Latino History (4)

ChLa 414 Chicano/Latino Literature (4)

ChLa 450U Latinos in Education (4)


Total: 36 Credit Hours