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Eric T. Crum

Eric is a Portland State University Faculty Research Associate and Director of Community Environmental Services. He has worked in resource conservation practices & research for over five years, managing programs in recycling, composting, waste reduction, greenhouse gas inventories, material management and organizational sustainability. Eric began in his current role as Director in April, 2012, having served as a project manager and field staff with CES since January, 2008. He completed his Master of Public Administration (MPA) program with a focus on environmental and natural resources policy in December of 2011. Eric now oversees all organizational operations at CES and is concurrently serving as Principal Investigator on 17 externally-sponsored research and service projects throughout the Portland-metro region.

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Renée Bogin Curtis

As Sustainable Systems Project Manager, Renée evaluates and researches food systems, and social and environmental sustainability programs for local, regional and federal governments. She examines attitudes and behaviors of diverse communities and develops customized and representative outreach strategies. Current projects include management and website development of Fork it Over (a food donation and waste diversion program), assessments of the Food Donation Infrastructure and food access in the University EcoDistrict (Eat Up), exploratory research as external evaluator of a bilingual sustainability exhibit at The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), as well as management of Portland Multifamily and Metro Multifamily Outreach programs. Renée has a Graduate Certificate in nnprofit management, a Master’s degree in urban studies, and is a doctoral candidate in the field. Her research areas include multiculturalism in the environmental movement, community food systems, ethical markets, the artisan economy and global social movements. A recognized expert on the relationship between social and environmental sustainability, Renée frequently presents at conferences for diverse audiences ranging from property management industry groups to academic geographers to United Nations delegations. In her free time she exchanges stories from adventures in travel and parenting.

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Moonrose Doherty

Rose is a Project Manager and Faculty Research Assistant for CES, managing projects such as the New Seasons Sustainability projects, the Whole Foods Comprehensive Materials Analysis, the Metro Household Pesticides Retail Surveys, Recycle at Work Business Recycling Requirements projects, and other Outreach, Technical Assistance, or Sustainability Research-focused work.  Rose also manages internal operations for CES and works with students, faculty, staff, businesses, local government, and community partners to forward CES’ sustainability work, educate CES staff, and develop opportunities for CES. Rose has over eight years of experience in the solid waste and sustainability, and prior fields of work include public health and community organizing. She has worked for both local government and non-profits in the Portland Metro region. Rose began working at CES in 2008; she holds a Bachelor of Science in environmental studies with a minor in sustainability from Portland State University. Spare time includes volunteering: Friends of Trees Neighborhood Coordinator, North Tabor Sustainability Committee Chair, North Tabor-Mt. Tabor Clean-up Coordinator, the Association of Oregon Recyclers Annual Conference Planning Committee, and sometimes the Montavilla Food Co-op.

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Nate Forst

Nate serves as Research and Development Manager for CES. He is responsible for new project development, organizational strategy, and communications. Formerly project lead for the Port of Portland Technical Assistance Project, Nate completed his Master of Business Administration program with a focus a on sustainability in 2012. Prior to CES, Nate worked on large-scale land preservation issues in Colorado and green residential development in the Midwest, where his firm EcoUrban was among the first developers of LEED-certified residences in the U.S. Nate also has an undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis.

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Student staff: 

 Erin Lorene Anderson

 Erin is currently the CES Research Fellow, focused on exploring the organizational model of CES and the skills and competencies student employees develop while working on specific sustainability projects with community partners. Erin has worked with CES since 2008 on a variety of projects such as the Whole Foods Comprehensive Materials Analysis, Lloyd EcoDistrict Infrastructure Analysis, and Nike Comprehensive Materials Analysis where she was project lead. Erin has an undergraduate degree in community development from Portland State University and is currently working on a Master’s of urban studies focusing on sustainable policies.

Todd Ashley

Todd joined the CES team in 2012 as the Materials Manager for the Port of Portland Technical Assistance Project. He has worked on the New Seasons Sustainability Integration Project and is the project lead for the CleaResult Energy Efficiency Project and the Multnomah County Surplus Assistance Project. Todd recently earned his Master's in environmental management degree from PSU with a concentration in forest ecology and in the process conducted plant surveys for Oregon State University, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Todd is originally from Cooperstown, N.Y., and in his free time enjoys attending Blazers games, seeing live music, as well as identifying plants.

Derek Carmona

Derek is the Partnership Development Coordinator at the Port of Portland working with the tenants and properties in and around the Portland Airport to facilitate waste minimization and food waste diversion efforts. Derek joined CES in April 2014 and has been instrumental in CES’s work at the PDX Airport. Derek has an extensive background in environmental education and outreach within diverse environments and has previously worked to co-found a community garden, coordinate volunteers, and promote environmental awareness. In his spare time, Derek enjoys vermiculture and taking his schnauzers for walks.


Emily Cary
Emily joined CES in March of 2014 as project support staff and has worked on Material Assessments and the Fairview Recycle at Work project. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in community development at Portland State University. Emily also works as an intern with ROSE CDC, working on a project which aims to implement composting and food education at several multifamily housing locations. In her free time she enjoys adventuring to new places, spending time outside, and biking. 

Tracey Cha
Tracey joined the CES team, as an office assistant, during her first year of college in November 2013. She is currently attending PSU in pursuit of receiving a Bachelor’s of Art in architecture. Tracey works on multiple projects at CES, including Materials Assessments (also known as waste sorts). When she is not engaged in school or work, she enjoys sketching, listening to music and going to concerts, reading; both novels and Japanese comics (manga), and long car rides.

Bethany Davidson

Bethany began working with CES in March of 2011 while finishing her Bachelor’s of Science degree in geography, with a minor in black studies from PSU. Bethany has served as the Project Lead for the city of Portland Residential Capture Rate Project, the City of Portland Event Recycling program, City of Portland Single-Family Weight Study, City of Portland Food Waste Diversion Evaluation, and Food Services of America Event Recycling Project. Bethany has also worked on the METRO Recycle at Work projects, Material Assessments, and the Port of Portland Clean-ups.  Bethany was born in Alaska, but has lived in Oregon for over 18 years and considers herself a joint native to both states. Bethany loves playing cribbage, fly-fishing, canoeing, watching lightning storms, helping her family and friends get their home composting and recycling started.

Ashley Donald

Ashley joined the CES team in the fall of 2013 as a member of the Material Assessments Team and project support staff. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in public health and hopes to tack on a Master’s in urban and egional planning at PSU. Ashley received her B.A in interdisciplinary studies with a focus on international health through the study of public health, microbiology, and geography at the University of Arizona in 2009. Ashley is dedicated to social justice and community development issues. In her free time, she can be found exploring the world, both near and far, being fully engrossed in live music, and most recently, challenging herself in the world of cross fit. 

Carrie Elmore

Carrie joined CES in November 2013, as an addition to the NSF OMSI Sustainability Project as a liaison working with Spanish-speaking families. Currently she serves as Project Lead on the EPA Eco-Biz project conducting pollution-prevention outreach to automotive and landscaping businesses in underserved areas of outer East Portland, Gresham, and Clackamas. She is also the Project Lead on Materials Assessments, specializing in food-waste reduction. In June 2014, she completed a B.A. in Spanish with a Certificate in Chicano & Latino Studies at PSU. Her interests are focused in multiculturalism, social justice and community development. She also particularly loves travel, food, and being outdoors.


Anny Funck

Anna joined CES in October of 2014 and supports the Portland Multifamily Recycling project and CES' Fork it Over work on this food waste diversion assistance program.  Anna also co-chairs the Food Action Collective (FAC), a PSU student group working in food systems. Anna is pursuing her Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Global Leadership and Management, and received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies from Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY. Her main interests include food security in under-served and migrant farmworker communities, community development through agriculture, and international food sovereignty. In her spare time, Anna enjoys running, biking, reading, hiking, baking, and dogsitting corgi puppies. 


Sara Ivey

Sara joined CES in August 2013, and currently serves as Data Manager on the Port of Portland Technical Assistance Project and Project Coordinator for the Fork it Over project. Sara received her B.S. in public health from the University of Washington in December 2010. She arrived at CES having spent the past few years working in occupational health and safety, and clinical research at the University of Washington. She is currently pursuing dual Master’s of urban and regional planning, and public health degrees at PSU.

Alexis Kelso
Alexis joined CES as project support staff in March 2014. She is pursuing a Master’s of urban and regional planning degree at PSU, with a concentration in transportation. Prior to working at CES, Alexis was the Safe Routes to School Project Manager for WALKSacramento. Alexis currently leads the Portland Multifamily Recycling project at CES. She enjoys working with diverse communities to make our cities healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable. In her spare time, Alexis can be found hiking with her dog and taking photographs.


Mark Kenseth

Mark has been with CES since 2012. Mark has worked as the Zero Waste Assistant at the Port of Portland working with the Waste Minimization Team to divert 90 percent of materials from the landfill by 2018, on the Energy and Climate Change Curriculum (EC3) research project, and as a project lead for Material Assessments. He is in his third year in the Urban Studies Ph.D. program at PSU. Mark’s interests revolve around sustainability issues and environmental justice.


Madeleine Lawrence
Madeleine Lawrence is in her senior year of a B.A. in Spanish and Community Development. Madeleine joined CES in August of 2014 as a project support staff for the EPA grant Pollution Prevention Project in partnership with the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resources Center and the EcoBiz program. She is excited to be conducting outreach for the EPA grant project and is looking forward to working on many of the other multi-faceted CES projects.



Eduardo Montejo

Eduardo joined CES in August 2013 as Project Support Staff for the OMSI Sustainability Project. Currently, Eduardo is the Project Lead for the Port of Portland Technical Assistance Project. He is a first-year Master’s of urban and regional planning student at Portland State University, and a recipient of the MURP Planning Diversity Assistantship. Prior to CES, Eduardo received a Bachelor of Environmental Studies and Minor in Solar and Renewable Energy from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. At UNLV, Eduardo served as president of the Sierra Student Coalition for two consecutive terms, working closely with nonprofit and community partners on a variety of urban sustainability issues. Eduardo's undergraduate research focused on renewable community gardens, transit-oriented solar deployment in urban spaces, and the effect of federal investments in bicycle commuter shares. In his free time Eduardo enjoys bicycles, vegetables, and coffee.

Jared O'Hagan

Jared joined the CES team in the summer of 2012, and is currently working on the Portland Multifamily Recycling Program, Material Assessments, the Portland Events Recycling Project, the Single Family Can Weight Study, and the Port of Portland Technical Assistance project. Jared transferred to PSU to study accounting, with aspirations of completing his MBA within the next five years.  Jared has been an avid composter and recycler his entire life, starting at an early age living in rural Western New York.  In his spare time, he enjoys listening to and playing experimental and improvisational music, cold-brewing tea, and home brewing beer.


Blake Reynolds

Blake joined CES in April 2014 to work on the CLEAResult residential energy study. He brings his commitment to energy efficiency and experience in building science to support energy and resource conservation partnerships. Blake is currently pursuing a Master’s of Engineering degree in mechanical engineering at PSU to enable him to work in the energy services field. Prior to engineering school, he worked in Boston at an educational startup as a data analyst. Blake holds a B.A. in sociology from Georgia State University with a focus in race and urban studies.


Gretchen Sandau

Gretchen has been with CES since summer of 2013 and is a project lead for Material Assessments, as well as providing project support on the Single Family Can Weight and the Portland Event Recycling program. She completed her B.A. in Community Development from PSU and will be pursuing graduate school at PSU in the future. In her free time she likes to do various art projects, cook and eat delicious food, and go for walks around this great city of Portland, Oregon.


Grace Stainback

Grace joined CES in August of 2014 as a project support staff for the EPA grant Pollution Prevention Project in partnership with the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resources Center and the EcoBiz program. She is in her first year pursuing a Master’s in urban and regional planning at PSU. Prior to returning to school, Grace worked as an English teacher and at community development organizations domestically and abroad, and is excited to participate in outreach on behalf of CES in multicultural settings. She also works at a local craft distillery and enjoys brewing kombucha at home, and has thus has become something of a flavor wizard.


D.H. Strongheart 

D.H. joined the CES team in August of 2013 as project support staff for the OMSI Sustainability Project. Currently, D.H. is the project lead for the City of Portland Single Family Can Weight Study. He holds an M.S. degree in strategic sustainable development from the Blekinge Institute of Technology (Sweden) and a B.A. in documentary studies (College of Santa Fe). D.H. is committed to identifying and activating key leverage points to help our global society transition toward a just and sustainable future, a commitment which has led him to pursue ongoing and lifelong research in the many fields related to sustainable development, and, most recently, to the MURP program at PSU, where he began studies in the fall of 2013.


Taylor Stone

Tay joined CES in October of 2014 and is currently working on a variety of projects as Project Support Staff. She is majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Sustainable Urban Development. Her desired focus is sustainability project management and environmental policy. She is also a Freshman Inquiry Race and Social Justice Peer Mentor through the University Studies department. In her very small amount of spare time, she likes to volunteer with the Sustainability Volunteer Program, read and write poetry, all-style dance, and watch Netflix with her dog, Ollie. 


Kaileigh Westermann

Kaileigh joined CES as the Outreach Coordinator for the Port of Portland Technical Assistance Project (PTAP) in June 2014. Kaileigh grew up in the Puget Sound region and studied environmental science at Willamette University. During her time as an undergrad, Kaileigh worked with Kitsap County Stormwater Management developing stormwater best management practices and conducted her thesis on establishing those best management practices with the City of Salem. Kaileigh is pursuing her Master's at PSU in leadership for sustainability education with a focus on education and outreach. In her free time she likes to try new local restaurants and breweries, stay active, and enjoy the outdoors.


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