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Meet Our Staff

Renée Bogin Curtis

As Sustainable Systems Project Manager, Renée evaluates and researches food systems, and social and environmental sustainability programs for local, regional and federal governments. She examines attitudes and behaviors of diverse communities and develops customized and representative outreach strategies. Current projects include management and website development of Fork it Over (a food donation and waste diversion program), assessments of the Food Donation Infrastructure and food access in the University EcoDistrict (Eat Up), exploratory research as external evaluator of a bilingual sustainability exhibit at The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), as well as management of Portland Multifamily and Metro Multifamily Outreach programs. Renée has a Graduate Certificate in nnprofit management, a Master’s degree in urban studies, and is a doctoral candidate in the field. Her research areas include multiculturalism in the environmental movement, community food systems, ethical markets, the artisan economy and global social movements. A recognized expert on the relationship between social and environmental sustainability, Renée frequently presents at conferences for diverse audiences ranging from property management industry groups to academic geographers to United Nations delegations. In her free time she exchanges stories from adventures in travel and parenting.

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Emily Murkland

As Projects Manager at CES, Emily oversees daily operations, project work, and staff. Emily currently manages the Port of Portland Technical Assistance Project, the City of Portland Events Recycling Project, the Multnomah County Surplus Project, and the City of Portland Sustainability Services Project. Emily has worked on the Fairview Recycle at Work project, the EPA Pollution Prevention and Outreach project, and the Portland Multifamily Recycling project, in addition to Solid Waste Assessments.  She holds a Bachelors of Science in Community Development from Portland State University. Emily has also worked as an intern with ROSE CDC, SPI Industries, and SOLVE.  

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CES Student Staff:

Barbara Adamski

Barbara or Babs for short, joined the CES team in November 2015 with a history of solid waste and community outreach experience. In addition to the Food Campaign, she has worked with the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. Babs, has not only volunteered with, but also has been on the Board for the Community Cycling Center and the School and Community Reuse Action Project. She is currently completing her senior year in the Community Development Program within the College of Urban and Public Affair. Babs is filling in her life experience as a community organizer with the academic underpinnings. A resident of the St Johns neighborhood.  Her leisure time is spent in the garden or along the river with her favorite dog, Abby. She also enjoys playing bridge and advocating for her St. John's neighbors. 



Arlene Ammaya

Arlene joined CES in August 2015 as Assistant Coordinator for the Portland Multifamily Recycling project and is pursuing a degree in Economics with minors in Math and Community Development at Portland State University. She is also currently an intern for the City’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.  Previously, Arlene has been involved with a variety of organizations that promote self-resiliency, sustainability, and Hispanic community involvement. Her current focus is in gaining experience in efficient resource management, effective community outreach, and applying a systems approach to problem-solving. In her free time, Arlene enjoys bike-riding, reading, traveling, multiple outdoor activities, and developing community education courses on a variety of subjects.


Sachi Arawaka   

Sachi joined CES in August 2015 as the Multnomah County Surplus project lead. For the past 10 years she has worked at a locally owned grocery chain, serving in various capacities ranging from Deli Clerk to Promotions Manager. Her experience working in both food preparation and in the Produce Department has given her serious perspective on the amount of food and container waste that can accrue in the food and service industry, even in a conscientious environment.  She is currently in her senior year at PSU, majoring in Geography with a minor in GIS.  In the future she sees herself working in public service or for a non-profit organization, advocating for sustainable food systems, supporting and maintaining urban forestry, or in some similar form of community development. In her free time. Sachi enjoys hanging out with her three cats, dog, and herd of fainting goats, as well as volunteering with Livable Lents and at Zenger Farms.

Alhena Herrera 

Alhena Herrera recently joined the CES team as an administrative assistant in September 2015. She provides administrative and office support to CES and the Urban Studies Ph.D. library. Alhena is currently pursuing a dual degree in psychology and criminology with a minor’s in Law and Legal studies. Prior to joining CES, Alhena received an Associate in Arts degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences, Humanities, as well as an Associate in Science degree in Administration of Justice from Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California. Alhena recently attended a policy seminar in Washington D.C. to advocate and represent the interests of low-income and first generation students in accessing higher education. In her free time Alhena enjoys reading, traveling, spending time with family and friends, exploring Portland, meeting new people, and enjoying the simplicities in life

Derek Carmona

Derek is currently supporting CES projects after completing a year as the Partnership Development Coordinator for the Port of Portland Technical Assistance Project, working with the tenants and properties in and around the Portland Airport to facilitate waste minimization and food waste diversion efforts. Derek is working on his Masters of Education with emphasis in Leadership for Sustainability Education at PSU and holds a Bachelor degree in Human Ecology from California State University, Stanislaus. Originally from Northern California, Derek has lived in Northern, Central, and Southern California; Lima Peru; Santiago Chile; and most recently Iowa, where he ran the Environmental Services Division for the City of Sioux City. In his free time he enjoys reading, hiking, exploring the city, volunteering at the Oregon Zoo, working in one of Portland’s many Community Gardens, and teaching environmental education in Central and South America.


Andrew Hickey 

Andrew joined CES in 2015 as a project support staff before continuing on to the Materials Manager position at the Port of Portland. He previously worked for Trimet, and volunteers at Willamette Partnership, providing recommendations on the health benefits of nature and green infrastructure. He is pursuing his Masters in Urban Studies, and holds a bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Philosophy. His particular interests include policy interventions and outreach programs to minimize food waste, how to get the public to utilize parks and natural areas, as well as the intersection between social psychology and sustainability.


Sara Ivey

Sara joined CES in August 2013 and currently supports multiple projects at CES in addition to serving as Project Coordinator for the Fork it Over website. Sara was previously the Data Manager on the Port of Portland Technical Assistance Project. Sara received her Bachelor of Science in public health from the University of Washington in December 2010. She arrived at CES having spent the past few years working in occupational health and safety, and clinical research at the University of Washington. She is currently pursuing dual Master of Urban and Regional Planning, and Master of Public Health degrees at PSU.


Toby Kubler

Toby joined the CES team in August 2015 as the Materials Management Assistant for the Port of Portland Technical Assistance Project (PTAP). Toby is pursuing his Master’s Degree in Leadership for Sustainability Education with an interest in experiential and transformative learning and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Community Development from Prescott College. When he is not working at the Port to divert waste from the landfill he enjoys welcoming guests from around the world into his home as an Airbnb host and growing food with his partner at their urban micro-farm in North Portland.


Madeleine Lawrence

Madeleine Lawrence is in her senior year of a B.A. in Spanish and Community Development. Madeleine joined CES in August of 2014 as a project support staff for the EPA grant Pollution Prevention Project in partnership with the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resources Center and the EcoBiz program conducting outreach to automotive and landscaping businesses. She is also the project lead for the City of Portland Single-Family Can Weight Study and the Portland Multifamily Recycling project and provides assistance on toher CES projects.


Karissa Pavlik

Karissa joined CES as project support staff in 2015 to work on the Multnomah County Surplus Project, Solid Waste Assessments, and Portland Events Recycling. She is a freshman at Portland State pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Community Health Education with a minor in Sustainability. Karissa worked on the City of Hillsboro's Sustainability Task Force and Youth Advisory Council, as well as working with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Portland to improve scholastic retention through the summer. Her interests include waste minimization and natural resource conservation. She hopes to earn a Masters of Business Administration and focus on environmental health policy in her career. 


Ellen Payne

Ellen joined CES as project support staff on Solid Waste Assessments in 2015 and is currently pursuing a Masters in Leadership for sustainability education at PSU. Ellen holds a bachelors degree in Psychology from University of North Carolina Charlotte. During her years in undergrad, Ellen aided and led many projects that assisted the advancement of environmental sustainability within the university and community.  Her interests lie in waste minimization and educating the public about sustainable practices. 


Cassandra Punnett

Cassandra joined CES in August of 2015, and is working as project support for the City of Portland Events Recycling Project, the Multnomah County Surplus Project, and the Solid Waste Assessments Team. She is currently a Bachelor of Arts student at Portland State University majoring in Community Development. She is interested in sustainable urban development, housing justice, and intersectionalism, and in her free time enjoys embroidering, nature adventures, gardening, and books about maps.






Grace Stainback

Grace joined CES in August of 2014 as an outreach and project support specialist for the EPA grant Pollution Prevention Project in partnership with the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resources Center and the EcoBiz program. Grace also works on Solid Waste Assessments at CES from time to time. She is pursuing a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning at PSU. Prior to returning to school, Grace worked as an English teacher and at community development organizations domestically and abroad, and finds participating in outreach on behalf of CES in multicultural settings rewarding. 


Jennifer Stefanick

Jennifer joined CES in March 2015 as the Portland Event Recycling project lead while pursuing a Bachelor of Science in environmental studies with a minor in sustainability from PSU with a long-term goal of working in community outreach and materials management. Jennifer’s passion for thoughtful consumption and sustainable behavior led her to becoming the sustainability coordinator for a large production catering kitchen in Portland where she additionally held down the position of lead pastry chef for over a decade. Jennifer also became a certified Master Recycler through the City of Portland in 2010 and continues to volunteer with numerous events and organizations working to guide the community towards waste reduction goals.


Tay Stone

Tay joined CES in October of 2014 and is currently working as project lead on CES Solid Waste Assessments, while also assisting on Multnomah County Surplus Project and Portland Events Recycling. She is majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Sustainable Urban Development. Her desired focus is sustainability project management and environmental policy. She is also a Peer Mentor through the University Studies department at PSU. 


Jeffrey Waldo

Jeffrey Waldo joined the CES team in May 2015 as the data technician with the Port of Portland Technical Assistance Project. Jeffrey is pursuing a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning and expects to graduate in 2016. Jeffrey received a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Planning and Design with an emphasis in Community and Regional Planning from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. His past professional background is in community organization and development with the LGBTQ community through numerous nonprofit organizations in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Kaileigh Westermann

Kaileigh joined CES as the Outreach Coordinator for the Port of Portland Technical Assistance Project (PTAP) in June 2014, she is currently the Project Lead of the PTAP project. Kaileigh grew up in the Puget Sound region and studied Environmental Science at Willamette University. During her time as an undergrad, Kaileigh worked with Kitsap County Stormwater Management developing stormwater best management practices and conducted her thesis on establishing those best management practices with the City of Salem. Kaileigh is pursuing her Master's at PSU in Leadership for Sustainability Education with a focus on education and outreach.