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Eric T. Crum

Eric is a Portland State University Faculty Research Associate and Director of Community Environmental Services. He has worked in resource conservation practices & research for over five years, managing programs in recycling, composting, waste reduction, greenhouse gas inventories, material management and organizational sustainability. Eric began in his current role as Director in April, 2012, having served as a program manager and field staff with CES since January, 2008. He completed his Master of Public Administration (MPA) program with a focus on environmental and natural resources policy in December of 2011. Eric now oversees all organizational operations at CES and is concurrently serving as Principal Investigator on seventeen externally-sponsored research and service projects throughout thePortland-metro region.

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Renée Bogin Curtis

As Sustainable Systems Project Manager, Renée evaluates and researches food systems, and social and environmental sustainability programs for local, regional and federal governments. She examines attitudes and behaviors of diverse communities and develops customized and representative outreach strategies. Current projects include management and website development of Fork it Over (a food donation and waste diversion program), assessments of the Food Donation Infrastructure and food access in the University EcoDistrict (Eat Up), exploratory research as external evaluator of a bilingual sustainability exhibit at The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), as well as management of Portland Multifamily (PMF) and Metro Multifamily Outreach (MMO) programs. Renée has a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management, a Master’s degree in Urban Studies, and is a doctoral candidate in the field. Her research areas include multiculturalism in the environmental movement, community food systems, ethical markets, the artisan economy and global social movements. A recognized expert on the relationship between social and environmental sustainability, Renée frequently presents at conferences for diverse audiences ranging from property management industry groups to academic geographers to United Nations delegations. In her free time she exchanges stories from adventures in travel and parenting.

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Moonrose Doherty

Rose is the Materials Assessments Manager and a Faculty Research Assistant for CES. She manages internal operations for CES and serves as Project Manager for Solid Waste Assessments (SWAT) and projects such as the New Seasons Materials Assessment, the Metro Household Pesticides Retail Surveys, Recycle at Work Business Recycling Requirements projects, and other Outreach, Technical Assistance, or Sustainability Research-focused projects.  Currently, she works with students, faculty, staff, businesses, local government, and community partners to forward CES’ sustainability work, develops opportunities, assists with outreach materials, coordinates meetings and events, and facilitates communications. Rose has worked for Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling Program as a Program Educator, Green Solutions as a Recycling Specialist, assisting on the Richmond Neighborhood One-Can-a-Month Project, HAP on Recycling Contamination Sorts, and Multnomah County and City of Portland on a mercury-reduction campaign. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies with a minor in Sustainability from Portland State University. She also teaches ecology and sustainability-related topics as a Metro Volunteer Naturalist, a Friends of Trees Neighborhood Coordinator, and the North Tabor Sustainability Committee Chair.

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Nate Forst

Nate serves as Research and Development Manager for CES. He is responsible for new project development, organizational strategy, and communications. Formerly project lead for the Port of Portland Technical Assistance Project (PTAP), Nate completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with a focus a on sustainability in 2012. Prior to CES, Nate worked on large-scale land preservation issues in Colorado and green residential development in the Midwest, where his firm EcoUrban was among the first developers of LEED-certified residences in the U.S. Nate also has an undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis.


Bethany Davidson

Bethany is Project Lead for the City of Portland Event Recycling project. She was
formerly Project Lead on the Can Weight Study and the Food Waste Diversion Evaluation, and has worked on many other projects such as the Recycle at Work, Solid Waste Assessment Team and Portland Multi-Family. Bethany began working with CES in March of 2011 while finishing her Bachelors of Science degree in Geography, with a minor in Black Studies from PSU. She is currently seeking a Masters in Urban Development while completing a GIS Graduate Certificate from PSU. In the fall of 2010, Bethany participated in a PSU Capstone class which worked with the Rose Quarter; helping to expand public composting and develop the facility’s zero waste goals. Bethany was born in Alaska, but has lived in Oregon for over 16 years and considers herself a joint native to both states. Bethany loves playing cribbage, fly-fishing, canoeing, watching lightning storms, helping her family and friends get their home composting and recycling started, and playing almost any kinds of games.



Maia Nativ

Maia Nativ joined the CES team in October of 2012 as the Project Lead for the Port of Portland Technical Assistance Project (PTAP). She is pursuing PSU’s Masters of Public Administration program with a focus in non-profit management. In 2007 Maia realized Los Angeles was not the place for her and quickly fell in love with Portland, where she completed her BS in biology at PSU. Before coming to CES Maia has helped create and lead a non-profit organization, Depave. In addition, she created and implemented composting and recycling programs while working as an AmeriCorps member at Portland Public Schools. Maia spends most of her free time playing outside.


Mark Kenseth

Mark joined CES in January of 2012 as a graduate research assistant for phase 1 of the Energy and Climate Change Curriculum (EC3), investigating the needs, gaps, and opportunities for multidisciplinary curriculum at PSU. Mark then worked on many CES projects as Field Staff, which led to being the Project Lead for the Solid Waste Assessment Team (SWAT). In September of 2013, after working on more than twenty solid waste assessments, Mark accepted a position as the Zero Waste Assistant with the Port of Portland, which has now been part of a ten year partnership with CES. Mark is in his 3rd year in the Urban Studies PhD program at PSU, which has evolved from a BA in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a MA in Geography and Environmental Studies from Northeastern Illinois University. His interests revolve around sustainability issues of energy, LEED buildings, green infrastructure, geography of waste, and policy and environmental justice of uneven development. Mark has studied architecture in France, worked abroad as an English Teacher in South Korea, and traveled as a farmhand in Australia and New Zealand. In Portland he commutes rain or shine via a sturdy, sticker-laden bicycle, plays futbol (i.e. soccer) and watches the Timbers FC and FC Barcelona, brews beer with friends, follows comedy, and appreciates camping and hiking.


Kristi Hansen

Kristi is the grant administrator for the Single Family Weight Study, Port of Portland Technical Assistance to the Waste Minimization Program, and a sundry of others. She began at PSU as a student recycling survey volunteer in the Recycling Education Projects (known now as CES) in 1991 and became a grant administrator more than 10 years ago.



John Todoroff

John joined CES in spring 2013 and has been working on multiple projects including waste sorts with the Solid Waste Assessment Team, the Single-Family Can Weight Study for the City of Portland, Portland Event Recycling, and helping out in the office. John has a background in graphic design and completed his B.A. in Community Development in June 2013. He will be taking courses for the GIS Graduate Certificate program starting in the fall, then will hopefully pursue a Master's in Urban and Regional Planning.




Wayne McFetridge

Wayne is responsible for Multifamily Projects and other CES projects. His larger responsibilities involve funds management and grants administration for all externally funded projects within the Center for Urban Studies, where he started working in 1988.








Todd Ashley

Todd joined the CES team in August of 2012 as the Materials Manager for the Port of Portland Technical Assistance Project.  Todd came to CES with over five years of waste minimization experience, most recently working as a Recycling Specialist at Portland State University for the past two and a half years.  Todd is currently pursuing a masters degree in Environmental Management from PSU with a concentration in forest ecology and just finished up a summer field position conducting plant surveys for Oregon State University and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  Todd is originally from Cooperstown, N.Y. and in his free time enjoys playing sports, going to Blazers games, seeing live music, identifying plants, and going on hikes with his dog Osa.



Erin Anderson

Erin is the project lead for the Lloyd Ecodistrict Material Infrastructure Analysis.
Previously, Erin served as the Outreach Coordinator for the Port of Portland Technical Assistance Project, the City of Portland Composition and Capture Rate Analysis, and the Metro Outdoor Pesticide Survey Project. She has also worked as part of the multifamily team and was the coordinator for the Metro Data Collection Project which focused on evaluating recycling systems and performance at multifamily communities throughout the Portland Metro region. Erin has also been involved in providing outreach and assistance to multifamily residents and communities in Washington County, Clackamas County and the City of Portland. Erin has an undergraduate degree in Community Development from PSU, and is working towards a Masters of Urban Studies focusing on sustainable policies. Erin is a proud supporter of the Portland Timbers and can be found in the midst of the Timbers Army (jumping, clapping and singing for victory!) during her free time.



Tony Hair

Tony has been with CES since March 2011. He is  currently the Project Lead for the CES contract with Portland Community College to complete a user-specific guidebook for PCC on conducting greenhouse gas inventories. Additionally, Tony is the Data Analyst for the Port of Portland Technical Assistance Project. Other projects he has worked on during his time at CES include Metro Business Outreach, Tualatin Business Recycling Requirements, and Portland Event Recycling. In December 2010, Tony received his Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Portland State University. He also received both his Bachelor of Science in Geography and Geographic Information Systems Graduate Certificate from PSU in March 2012. Figuring why stop there, he has since taken up the challenge of obtaining his Master of Science in Geography from the university as well. Prior to CES, Tony worked for Waste Management for over eight years in a variety of roles ranging from Customer Service Representative to Account Manager. His experiences at Waste Management and tenure at CES have provided him a unique insight into the world of materials management, and informs his passion for sustainable living. Tony is fascinated by old or unusual maps, enjoys reading graphic novels, and likes people who recycle.


Jared O'Hagan

Jared joined the CES team in the summer of 2012, and is currently working on the Portland Multifamily Recycling Program, providing outreach and informational materials to multifamily communities throughout Portland.  Jared also works on the Portland Events Recycling Project and the Single Family Weight Study. Jared is a new transfer student to PSU and is studying accounting, with aspirations of completing his MBA within the next five years.  Jared has been an avid composter and recycler his entire life, starting at an early age living in rural Western New York.  In his spare time, he enjoys listening to and playing experimental and improvisational music, cold-brewing tea, woodworking, camping, canoeing and home brewing beer.



Julia Metz

Julia joined CES as the Outreach Coordinator for the Port of Portland Technical Assistance Project (PTAP) in January 2013. Julia also serves as graphic designer for CES. Julia grew up in California, and studied architecture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. As an AmeriCorps, Julia helped develop and run a green program for the non-profit Rebuilding Together in Silicon Valley, and also helped with recycling outreach and education for King County Housing Authority. After visiting the Pacific Northwest, she knew it was where she wanted to be and moved up to Seattle in 2011. Julia moved to Portland in 2012 to begin the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning program. In her free time, she loves to cook, try new beer & wine, volunteer, and do anything outdoors with her dog, Twig.


Adam Reese

Adam joined CES in the summer of 2013 and is currently working as field staff on the Solid Waste Assessment Team (SWAT), the Can Weight Study, and Portland Event Recycling. He is also serving as website and social media support for CES. Adam is an undergraduate studying geography and urban planning at PSU, and hopes to move on to a masters in the next couple years. In his spare time he enjoys watching sports, riding his motorcycle, and taking his dog Dutch on hikes.




Eduardo Montejo

Eduardo joined CES in August 2013 as Project Support Staff for the OMSI Sustainability Project.

Eduardo is a first-year Master of Urban and Regional Planning student at Portland State University, and a recipient of the MURP Planning Diversity Assistantship. As a GRA, Eduardo will be working with Dr. Marisa Zapata in the Toulan School of URban Studies and Planning. Eduardo also currently works as a supervisor at Starbucks in downtown Portland. Prior to CES, Eduardo received a Bachelor of Environmental Studies and Minor in Solar and Renewable Energy from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. At UNLV, Eduardo served as President of the Sierra Student Coalition for two consecutive terms, working closely with non-profit and community partners on a variety of urban sustainability issues. Eduardo's undergraduate research focused on renewable community gardens, transit-oriented solar deployment in urban spaces, and the effect of federal investments in bicycle commuter shares. In his free time Eduardo enjoys bicycles, vegetables, coffee, and playing music.




Gretchen Sandau

Gretchen joined CES in July of 2013 as a member of the Solid Waste Assessment Team and field staff for other CES projects. She is currently finishing her BA in Community Development and is considering her options for what to do next. Being born and raised in Oregon, recycling and composting are second nature to her and she is excited to learn more about waste and materials management through her work at CES. In her free time she likes to take pictures of flowers, eat delicious food, drive combines, and go for walks. 



Sara Ivey

Sara joined CES in August of 2013 and currently works on Metro's Fork It Over program. She is pursuing dual Masters in Public Health and Urban and Regional Planning at PSU. Sara received her Bachelor of Science in public health from the University of Washing in December 2010. She arrived at CES having spent the past few years working in occupational health and safety, and clinical research at the University of Washington. In her free time, Sara can be found globetrotting or soaking up the magic of the northwest, coffee in hand. 


Dependable Hickory Strongheart

D.H. Strongheart joined the CES team in August of 2013 as a support staff member for the OMSI Sustainability Project. He holds an M.S. degree in Strategic Sustainable Development from the Blekinge Institute of Technology (Sweden) and a B.A. in Documentary Studies (College of Santa Fe). D.H. is committed to identifying and activating key leverage points to help our global society transition towards a just and sustainable future, a commitment which has led him to pursue ongoing and lifelong research in the many fields related to sustainable development, and, most recently, to the MURP program at PSU, where he began studies in the fall of 2013. He is excited to be a member of the CES working team, and he hopes that you will please say “Hello”, or, “Shalom!” or “As-salamu alaykum” if you run into him sometime.



Nayantara Vadali

Tara joined CES in July 2013 as an intern working on the development of CES financial analysis models for waste materials and secondary commodities markets. She is currently working on creating a capital analyses report that CES can employ in order to help clients plan, and execute steps that could lead to revenue maximization from proper handling of certain waste materials. Tara is working towards her Bachelor of Science at PSU, majoring in finance and minoring in math. She was a member of PSU's Women's Tennis for four years. She engages her free time in tennis, shopping, and reading.

Carrie Elmore

Carrie joined CES in November of 2013 as an addition to the OMSI Sustainability Project. She is in her final year as an undergraduate student finishing up her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, Certificate in Chicano & Latino Studies, and Minor in Photography. Her interests are focused in multiculturalism, social justice and community development. She also particularly loves travel, and being outdoors.


Lauren Bruschi

Lauren joined CES in the fall of 2013 to work on the Lloyd Ecodistrict Material Infrastructure Analysis and is a member of the Solid Waste Assessment Team. She is pursing a BS in Community Development with a minor in Urban Sustainable Development. Lauren’s love of cities drives her work in sustainability and urban planning. She has been privileged to work with Biomimicry Oregon, Cascadia Green Building Council, First Stop Portland, and the Square Roots CSA Farm on various projects during her time at PSU. She is set to graduate in the spring, and hopes to pursue a career in sustainable cities that will allow her to focus on innovation and community engagement. In her free time Lauren enjoys checking out new restaurants, speaking Italian, playing fetch with her dog, and live music. 


Kate Rogers

Kate joined CES in November 2013 as a Research Support Staff member for the Solid Waste Assessment Team. She is pursuing a Master of Urban & Regional Planning degree at PSU, with a dual specialization in Land Use and Environment. She hails from the great state of Michigan, where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Urban & Regional Planning at Eastern Michigan University, with a minor in GIS. Kate is interested in urban greenspaces and likes to spend her free time hiking and enjoying nature both in and out of the city.


Ashley Donald

Ashley joined the CES team in the Fall of 2013 as a member of the Solid Waste Assessment Team and field staff. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Health and hopes to tack on a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning at PSU. Ashley received her Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on international health through the study of public health, microbiology, and geography at the University of Arizona in 2009. Ashley is dedicated to social justice and community development issues. In her free time, she can be found exploring the world, both near and far, being fully engrossed in live music, and most recently, challenging herself in the world of cross fit. 


Tracey Cha

Tracey joined the CES team, as an office assistant, during her first year of college in November 2013. She is currently attending PSU in pursuit of receiving a Bachelors of Art in Architecture. Tracey has yet to join in on a project, but is planning to in the future when school doesn't get in the way. When she is not engaged in school or work she enjoys sketching, listening to music and going to concerts, reading; both novels and Japanese comic (manga), and long car rides.


Cody Kent

Cody joined CES in the fall of 2013 and is currently working on the Solid Waste Assessment Team (SWAT). Cody is a PhD student in Urban Studies and Planning at Portland State University. Prior to PSU, Cody received a MA in Climate and Society from Columbia University and a BS in Geology from the University of Wyoming. He also served as a Captain in the U.S. Army. Outside of work and school, he enjoys camping, woodworking, cooking, and knitting. 

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