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Hire CES

Hire CES
We provide customized technical assistance to help you manage your organization’s waste stream in line with your environmental, financial, and social-responsibility goals.
  • We provide customized technical assistance to...
Sustainable waste management solutions from university experts who don’t mind getting their hands dirty

Make less trash and make a difference for your planet, your customers, and your bottom line

Community Environmental Services is a nonprofit, university-based service provider that draws on 25 years of experience to meet your waste management needs. We use cutting-edge research, best practices, and our own hands to help your organization reduce, reuse, and recycle waste.

Call us at (503) 725-8469 to explore customized waste management solutions for your organization

We will help you

  • Keep trash out of landfills
  • Minimize greenhouse gas
  • Cut your waste-handling costs, and
  • Achieve your environmental and social-responsibility goals

We will work with your Portland-area business, agency, or organization to do any or all of the following

  • Assess your current waste output and practices
  • Identify purchasing decisions that will help you avoid waste
  • Design customized systems to recycle your waste or put it to good use in the community
  • Educate and motivate your employees, tenants, and communities to commit themselves to reducing waste
  • Do the day-to-day work of running your waste management program long-term
  • Help you meet LEED certification requirements or zero-waste status

We put our Oregon connections to work for you

We have built enduring relationships with those we serve. We leverage those relationships and the rich experience of Portland State University—a national leader in sustainability—to guide you to innovative solutions that will make your organization proud. Our experienced program staff also harness the energy and dedication of university students to bring the freshest knowledge to our work, to help keep your costs down, and to provide student work experiences that shape the sustainability experts of tomorrow.

Project Highlight: New Seasons

We helped New Seasons reach their zero waste goal with through waste stream analysis and waste stream system design.