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Community Environmental Services

Community Environmental Services
CES provides its partners with the tools, staff, and expertise they need to achieve their waste minimization goals.

Innovating at PDX

Innovating at PDX
The Port Technical Assistance Project develops innovative pilot programs and initiatives that encourage waste minimization and facilitate the Port’s role as a national leader in sustainability.

Solid Waste Assessments

Solid Waste Assessments
CES provides waste assessment services including surveys, observational studies and "waste sorts." Waste sorts are conducted to determine the baseline composition or post implementation impacts of business waste minimization efforts.
Welcome to Community Environmental Services

Community Environmental Services (CES) is a research and service unit within the Center for Urban Studies at Portland State University. CES has provided high quality research, technical assistance, data collection and educational outreach services for more than 20 years in the areas of solid waste minimization, recycling, and program evaluation.

CES partners with organizations in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. CES currently employs between 15-20 students annually. Most CES staff are graduate students from programs within Portland State University including Urban and Regional Planning, Urban Studies, Public Administration, and Leadership for Sustainability Education (LSE).

Partner with CES

CES has the flexibility and adaptability to provide trained, experienced, professional staff to support projects that vary greatly in scope, length and dollar amount. CES is funded entirely through grants with outside organizations including private companies, local and regional governments, institutions, and quasi-governmental organizations.

Partnership Benefits:

  • Flexible workforce - Utilize a professional workforce that can expand and restrict depending on your need;
  • Planning for your future – Invest in ‘your’ next work force by funding and partnering on projects that provide ‘real’ experience and learning;
  • Minimal staff management - Staff/students are managed by CES and are provided industry training, professional development training and management oversight throughout each project;
  • Public relations opportunity – People want to work for and work with organizations that are part of their communities; and
  • Access our core competencies – CES has specialized in research, design and implementation for over 20 years.

Projects are established through a variety of contract and funding mechanisms, including:

  • Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA) or contracts between PSU and the funding agency;
  • Purchase orders, or Letters of Authorization; and
  • Master Agreements.

To learn more about partnership opportunities Contact CES.