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Winter Symposium - 1/27/15, 9am-1pm,  SMSU Ballroom


Interim Dean Announced for the Proposed OHSU-PSU School of Public Health

PSU-AAUP Collective Bargaining Effective 2013-2015

OAA White Paper on EMSA Functions

Honorary Degree Nomination - Deadline 10/31/2014

Textbook Ordering - Fall Quarter Deadline

New Faculty Orientation & Information Fair - 9/16/14

Focus On Faculty - 9/17/14

Carnegie Conversation - 9/17/14

Convocation 2014 - 9/23/14

Vice Provost for Academic Personnel and Leadership Development, nominations and applications invited - (deadline 10/3/14)

Symposium 2014: Focus on Internationalization--Discussion Summaries 

ABC's of PSU (Faculty handbook & general PSU reference) (This link has been taken down)


Promotion & Tenure Actions Effective 2013-2014

Excellence Awards for Faculty and Staff 2014- Call for Nominations - 2/19/14

2013 Excellence Awards for Faculty and Staff recipients - 8/12/13

Listing of previous Excellence Awards for Faculty and Staff recipients

Academic Affairs Sponsored Events 2013-2014

College of the Arts Dean Search Announcement - 6/6/13


Promotion and Tenure actions effective 2012-2013

Winter Symposium - reTHINK PSU - 1/16/13

School of Extended Studies Review Process Outcomes - 2/25/13

Excellence Awards for Faculty and Staff, 2013 – Call for Nominations - 3/5/2013

Update to campus on a joint School of Public Health - 5/21/13

Review process in the School of Extended Studies - 5/24/12

Budget Briefing to the Faculty Senate - 5/7/12

COL/CAE merger announcement - 5/4/12

Planning for the New Performance Based Budget Model - Winter 2012

Campus Profile - 10/21/11

Faculty Rank OAR amendment - 10/11/11

Review of PSU International Academic Programs 2010-2011 - 9/6/11

Secretary of State Audit Division releases report: OUS: Improve Management of Faculty Workload - 5/3/11

Updated Process for Revising Departmental Governance Documents - 1/26/11

Provost's Invitation to 11/3 Tailgate - 10/22/12

Academic Affairs Sponsored Events 2012-2013



Academic Affairs Sponsored Events 2011-2012

Academic Administrative Searches 2011-2012

Promotion & Tenture actions effective 2011-2012 - 6/15/11

2012 Provost Search

Photos from Roy Koch's retirement celebration - 6/14/12

Roy Koch's Retirement Celebration

Important textbook requirement for all faculty - 1/15/11

AAC&U Survey: Give Students a Compass - 1/7/11

Faculty and Staff Awards, 2012 - Call for Nominations - 2/29/12

Winter Symposium 2012: Planning for a new budget model

Meet with colleagues, lunchroom with a view - 10/2/11

2011 Faculty and Staff Award recipients - 6/1/11

Faculty and Staff Awards, 2011 - Call for Nominations - 3/3/11

Winter Symposium - 1/20/11



Academic Affairs Sponsored Events 2010-11

Dean Search, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - 5/12/11

Winter Symposium (1/20/11) and LTIFS Campus Fora: Where have all the dollars gone? 2009-11

New Tenure-Related Faculty Positions

Completion of the University Studies Staffing Initiative - 11/2/2010

2010-11 Budget Planning Process

Plans for consolidating faculty support for online learning (memo from Academic Affairs) - 10/22/10

Changes in admission and student support practices - 10/4/2010

New Positions in OAA - 9/23/2010

Promotion and Tenure Actions, 2010-11

Provost's Memo to Faculty regarding Copyright Law and Coursepacks - 9/8/10



Critical grading timeline - getting your grades in on time. - 11/18/2009

Consultant's report on enrollment management strategies for Portland State

MBA Student Study on Online Learning

New Tenure-Related Faculty Positions

Completion of the University Studies Staffing Initiative

Faculty/ Staff Awards, 2010 Posted 2/22/2010

Promotion and Tenure Actions effective 2009-10

Critical grading timeline- getting your grades in on time. Posted 11/18/2009

Investing in Faculty Positions and Sustainability

Fall Events 2009



Promotion and Tenure Actions 2008-09

2008 Fall Symposium Ideas

Fall Events 2008

Provost's Commencement Invitation (5-14-08)

New Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Jackie Balzer, joins PSU on July 1, 2008

Academic Achievement Awards 2008--nominations invited (deadline May 16, 2008)

Faculty and Staff Awards--nominations invited (deadline March 21, 2008)

Spring Campus Symposium 2008: Copy Rights Matter



Fall Events 2007

June Symposium 2007

Pre-symposium message from the Provost Koch for registered participants (5/24/07)

Invitation to June Symposium: Academic Priorities and Next Steps (6/01/07) PLEASE USE THIS LINK TO REGISTER by noon on 5/29.

Poster Session: Academic Priorities and Directives (5/7/07)

Symposium Related Links

Provost Koch's symposium presentation slides and remarks

Priorities, Directives and Emerging Initiatives


Featured Reports from Poster Session

Improve student success

Expand innovative scholarship/creative activities

Enhance educational opportunity

Advance selected programs

Selected Directives

Academic directives

January Campus Symposium 2007

January Campus Symposium 2007 (1/07)
UPDATE: See NEWS item below for report on the campus symposium, including the distillation brief prepared by the symposium facilitators.

Symposium materials:


Core Leadership Position (This may take a moment to download.)

Academic Priorities (original version, 1/12/07)


Working Group Draft Reports (4/07)

Improve student success

Expand innovative scholarship/creative activities

Enhance educational opportunity

Advance selected programs

Revised Academic Priority Narratives (2/15/07)

Reflections on the Priorities from Provost Roy Koch (2/15/07)

Other News

Priorities Working Group Membership and Meeting Schedule (Winter Quarter 2007)

Senate Bill 342--next steps (1/07) -Faculty and Staff Awards--nominations invited (winter 2007)



Faculty Recruitment--new guidelines 2007-08 (11/06)

Campus Search for Interim Vice Provost and Dean (7/6/06)
UPDATE: Professor Shawn Smallman (CV) selected as the Interim Vice Provost for Instruction and Dean of Undergraduate Studies. (8/31/06)

Barbara Sestak appointed Dean of Fine and Performing Arts (10/06)

New Center--Sustainable Processess and Practices (summer 2006)

New Center--The Center for the Improvement of Child and Family Services (summer 2006)

New Center - Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (fall 2006)

Randy Hitz, new Dean of Education, appointed, 4/06

Budget Planning 2006

Provost's Invitation to Faculty--Commencement 2006