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Tag Khuri

Neuberger Hall 10C




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Tag Khuri, Ph.D., Adjunct Instructor

Ph.D. Urban Studies (1994)



Women and international (third world development): research, training and teaching. Reading, ballroom dancing, and travelling.

Scholarly Projects

Working on completing a research project on Gendered Policy and Decision-making influences on Female Labor Force Participation in Jordan. A paper presented at the Mediterranean Research Meeting, Montecatini, Italy. 25-28 March 2009.

Worked for the last 6 years and on-going with Arab Gulf Program for United Nations Development Organziations (AGFUN): Evaluation and arbitration of nominated pioneering development projects around the world for the Annual AGFUND Prize in related human and gender development issues. 

Soon to be undertaking an evaluation of "Women and Decent Work", an UN-ILO (International Labor Organization) project in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.


Courses Taught:

  • Images of Arab and Muslim Women in Film and Media
  • Gender Issues in Middle East
  • Women in the Middle East
  • Introduction to Women's Studies
  • Gender Issues: The Status of Women in the Middle East
  • Gender Issues in the Middle East: Women, the State, and Inequality
  • Gender and Third World Development
  • Women, Work and Poverty in the Third World