Sexualities, Gender, & Queer Studies Minor


The minor in Sexuality, Gender, and Queer (SGQ) Studies offers students an interdisciplinary course of study focused on sexuality and gender and consists of 32 credits :

  1. Core Curriculum of four courses - 16 credits

  2. Four elective courses from approved list - 16 credits

All courses must be taken with the A-F graded option. All but eight (8) credits must be upper division courses (300 level or above).


Core Course Requirements - 16 credits

Students must take all four of the core courses listed below

    UNST 231 Gender and Sexualities  (4 credits)

    WS 370U History of Sexualities  (4 credits)

    WS 332U Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality in U.S. (4 credits) 

    WS 360U Intro to Queer Studies (4 credits)


    Electives -16 credits

    Students must take 16 credits from the list of courses below. The faculty advisor for the minor may approve other courses to fulfill the elective credit requirements where appropriate.

    ANTH 103 Intro to Cultural Anthropology

    ANTH 432/532 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective

    BST 342 Black Feminism/Womanism

    CFS 490U Sex and the Family

    COMM 410 Sex and the Media

    COMM 452/552 Gender and Race in the Media

    ENG372U Topics in Lit: Gender and Sexuality

    ENG 494 Feminist Film Theory

    ENG 494/594 Queer Theory

    ENG 447 Harlem Renaissance

    ENG 441/541 Same-Sex Desire in the English Renaissance

    PHE 335 Human Sexuality

    PHE 453/553 Women’s Reproductive Health

    PHE 410 Sex Education in America

    PHE 410 Worldview of Sexual Health

    PHL369U Philosophy of Sex and Love

    PSY 410 Human Sexualities

    PSY 431/531 Psychology of Men and Masculinities

    SOC339U Marriage and Intimacy

    SOC 344U Gender and Sexualities

    SPAN 410 Transgenderism in South American Literature

    SPAN 436/536 Disease and Literature in the Americas

    WS 308U Lesbian Literature

    WS 308U Gay and Lesbian Fiction

    WS372U Topics in Lit:  Gender and Sexuality

    WS375U Topics in Sexuality Studies

    Download the SGQ Studies Minor academic worksheet.


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