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KGW: Walmart raises Portland's largest green roof
Author: Joe Smith, KGW Business Reporter
Posted: October 24, 2013

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PORTLAND -- The largest green roof in Portland is about to open on what may seem like an unlikely spot, the roof of Walmart's newest store.

When Walmart does something, it does it in a big way.

The green roof top on its new North Hayden Meadows Drive store, near Delta Park, is the largest in Portland and the only such roof the company has on the West Coast.

Nearly half of the 92,000-square-foot roof is green, covered in vegetation and sediment to manage storm water. It will also help cool the store and convert carbon monoxide to oxygen.

The air-conditioning condensation will feed a bird bath.

The portion of the roof that is conventional uses a white membrane material that's designed to reduce the buildings’ energy consumption.

“This is the second roof that we’ve built dedicated to research purposes,” said Deborah Herron, Director of Public Affairs for Walmart. ”Specifically to research what happens [to the roof] when you have different layers, what happens when you combine different types of material?”

Portland State University will use the roof for a classroom as part of itsGreen Building Research Lab. For two years students will study the roof’s eco-impact using remote sensors and a weather station.

The Walmart store will open November 13th and create 270 full and part time jobs.

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