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Requirements for a Minor in Women's Studies

For students admitted in Fall 2011 and later continue reading below.

For students admitted in Fall 2011 and earlier click here.


A minor in Women's Studies consists of 28 credits. Students will be required to take:

  1. Core curriculum of three courses - 12 credits

  2. Four elective courses - 16 credits

Core Curriculum (12 credits)

Students are required to take WS 101: Introduction to Women's Studies (4 credits), as well as two of the following courses:

  • WS 301 Gender and Critical Inquiry (pre-req: WS 101) (4 credits)

  • WS 305 Women of Color Feminisms (pre-req: WS 101) (4 credits)

  • WS 307 Women, Activism, and Social Change (pre-req: WS 101) (4 credits)

  • WS 315 Feminist Analysis (pre-req: WS 301) (4 credits)

  • WS 412/512 Feminist Theory & Methodology (pre-req: WS 315) (4 credits)

Electives (16 credits)

Additional credit may be fulfilled by either core courses (including WS 409, WS 411, WS 415) or WGSS electives.


Download a Women's Studies Minor academic worksheet

(Requirements for students admitted to college Fall 2011 and later)


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