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Minor in Women's Studies: Fall 2011 & Earlier

Requirements for students admitted in Fall 2011 and earlier:

A minor in Women's Studies consists of 28 credits. Students will be required to take:

  1. 12 credits from the core courses (not including WS404, WS409, or WS411).
  2. 16 credits which may be fulfilled by either core courses (including WS404, WS409, WS411) or women's studies electives (courses cross-listed with other departments or approved by the women's studies coordinator).


Women's Studies Core Curriculum

  • WS 101 Introduction to Women's Studies (4 credits)
  • WS 301 Gender and Critical Inquiry (4 credits)
  • WS 307 Women, Activism, and Social Change  (4 credits)
  • WS 315 Feminist Analysis (4 credits)
  • WS 415 Senior Seminar  (4 credits)
  • One women's and/or gender history class including, but not limited to: WS 340, WS 341, WS 342, WS 370


Experiential Learning

This part of the curriculum provides students with the opportunity to connect knowledge from the classroom to experience in community service activities. Students earn credits by working with community or campus organizations which serve women and/or focus on social justice issues.

  • WS 409 Practicum (6 credits)

Click here for more information about Practicum, including current forms and opportunities.


Download a Women's Studies Minor academic worksheet

(Requirements for students admitted Fall 2011 and earlier)


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