Jamie P. Ross

Jamie P. Ross

PhD in Philosophy, University of Oregon, Eugene OR, 1995


Current Curriculum Vitae


Feminist philosophy of science; Reproductive Technologies, Free Choice and Women's Health issues; Feminist MethodologieS; Sexualities; the relationship between culture and scientific research and practice.

Scholarly Projects

I am engaged in the analysis of the scientific research and practice of women's health as it emerges from individual points of view, in the context of social, political and historical constraints. My anthology, Feminist Philosophy - Method and Practice, currently under review, encompasses critiques of traditional methodologies and offers a variety of feminist methodologies as does an article, "The Obvious Invisibility of the Relationship Between Technology and Social Values," also currently under review. Part of this larger project is a critique of the authority and urgency of reproductive technology. I am actively engaged in the PATH for women (Policy Advisory Towards Health) for Women, a project at the OHSU Center fo Women's Health which serves as an independent source of data and analysis for policymakers, advocates and the general public.


Courses Taught:

  • WS 407/507 Feminist Methodology
  • WS 301 Gender and Critical Inquiry
  • WS/PHL 312 Feminist Philosophy
  • WS/PHL 399 Engendered Health & Women's Bodies
  • UNST 266 Sexualities