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Hank Renfrow


Extended Studies Building 275














Hank Renfrow

Adjunct Instructor

MS Communication Studies, BS Communication

& Women's Studies



Hank Renfrow has been an instructor of Women's Studies at Portland State University since 2006 and has been teaching since 2004. Her courses have included Public Speaking and Non-verbal Communication, (In the Department of Communication Studies) Introduction to Sexualities , Gender and Body Image, Women Around the World (at Chemeketa Community College) and Introduction to Women's Studies. She has also been involved with the Girl Power Capstone at various times and in various capacities. With a BS in both Women's Studies and Communication Studies and an MS in Communication Studies, Hank's areas of emphasis included Feminist Pedagogy and Urban Studies. Also of significant importance to Hank are the issues of body image, media literacy, pop culture, fat acceptance, feminist and radical parenting, sexualities, LGBTQ issues, social justice, intersecting oppressions, and feminism and the ways in which they inform and influence our daily lives."

Scholarly Projects

Research Interests include Social Justice, Women?s Studies, Gender, Queer Studies, White Privilege, Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in the Media, Media Literacy, Fat Acceptance, Gender and Body Image, Intersecting Oppressions.


Courses Taught: