Department of Chemistry Seminar Series: Gojko Lalic
Friday, February 26, 2016 - 3:15pm
Department of Chemistry Seminar Series: Gojko Lalic

Science Building I, room 107, 1025 SW Mill Street
Free & open to the public

University of Washington Assistant Professor Gojko Lalic will present at the Department of Chemistry's weekly seminar series

About Professor Lalic

The main focus of Dr Lalic's research is the development of practical transition-metal catalyzed transformations that address problems encountered in organic synthesis. The goal is to develop transformations that will be used in the pharmaceutical industry for synthesis of medicinally relevant compounds. Dr Lalic's approach to reaction development involves the synthesis of transition-metal complexes, systematic study of their reactivity, and detailed exploration of reaction mechanisms. Finally, his research is interested in using new transformations in the synthesis of natural products.

About the Department of Chemistry

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